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Podcast Reviews: Wolf-359

Written by on 10 October 2018

Podcasts! Chances are that you’ve heard of them before. There’s one out there for everyone no matter what you like—from Dungeons and Dragons to interior design to Science Fridays. It’s still really hard to find one that you click with, though; the podcast you keep coming back to month after month, the one that you […]

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In Defence of a cappella

Written by on 8 October 2018

This article was written as a response to: Trash Thursdays – A cappella, by Calum Esler   Why anyone would want to read the milquetoast spew of ignorance published on this blog last week, when the very third sentence contains a straight-up lie, is beyond me. But having been asked to write a response, and mindful […]

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Top Ten Tips for Starting Uni

Written by on 29 August 2018

  In the post A Level results day haze of last summer my Google Search History showed only one type of thing. “What to do in Freshers”, “How to have the best Freshers Week ever”, “Top 50 things you shouldn’t forget to do in Freshers Week”. I was obsessed. After all, you only really get […]

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