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Tracks for Conquering Cape Cod as a Californian

Written by on 19 July 2018

By Kaylee Kelley   For the Massachusetts coastal elites, a slow paced, languid lifestyle is a fundamental as the lobster roll. The summer inhabitants of Cape Cod take life with a gentle wink, their sailboat printed shorts shrugging at life’s gravitas. Arnold Palmers flow, golf balls fly, and and tanned arms reach for more oysters. […]

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Barbecues vs Nature

Written by on 4 June 2018

Now that the mental necrosis-inducing monotony of exam revision has ended, we have cause for celebration.  Before we move onto the frightening world of work, postgraduate study or just another year of uni, summer stretches out before us to distract ourselves from impending adulthood.  And while some, like me, are kept in a lab or […]

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May Ball Preview

Written by on 21 April 2018

Kaylee Kelley from STAR News previews one of St Andrews’ biggest events, the Kate Kennedy May Ball. 1. How would you characterise this year’s May Ball? How does it differ from last year? This year’s Charity May Ball will cater to more tastes than before. We have achieved this by providing a wide range of […]

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Opinionated: Failure

Written by on 2 April 2018

Alisa Matyunina The tapping of the keys, hammer in the nails that form that non-repudiable word, filling the bearer with a sickening uneasiness and overwhelming dread: F-A-I-L-U-R-E. Failure isn’t sudden. It is not unlike an epileptic fit. There comes a warning, a moment before, giving you just enough time to try to re-adjust your position […]

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Opinionated: Stuck in the Snow – A Price on Human Life

Written by on 9 March 2018

Alisa Matyunina Around 100 passengers stuck for up to 14 hours on a train without heating, working toilets, and water. A woman gives birth in snow. 10 people die due to slipping under cars on un-gritted pavements, cars skidding, or freezing to death. This came not as a miscalculation or inability to respond. Not even […]

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Playlists from your 2017-18 Broadcasting Officer

Written by on 9 March 2018

Flora Rowe Check out these awesome playlists that Flora would love to share with you guys!   ‘Calming Tunes’ I’m On Fire – The Staves Carry Me Home – Jorja Smith, Maverick Sabre A Case of You – Joni Mitchell Wake Me – Mandolin Orange The Only Way is Up – Stornoway Permanent – Kenneth […]

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Quick-fire Questions: The Great Gatsby

Written by on 2 March 2018

Kiana Bowden One of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous works is coming to life in St Andrews next week. This performance of Simon Levy’s adaptation is being directed by Madison Hauser, known for her work on other productions such as ‘The Bacchae’, ‘And Then There Were None’ and ‘Anything Goes’ to name but a few. […]

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