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Miriam and Claire

Miriam and Claire

We are Miriam Eyre and Claire Fenerty, the two publicity officers for Nightline in 2019, and our show will encourage conversation about mental health. We will deal with weekly themed topics concerning issues that we and the people around us are often faced with, such as exam stress, relationship break-ups, mental health obstacles, and homesickness. We want to include segments like:
– Inviting guests to speak about their experiences, such as our fellow public face friends and others in our community who are involved in mental health
– Things That Made Us Cry This Week (And That’s Okay): a rapid-fire segment where one person says a sad thing and the other fires back with a positive remark or silver lining
– Guided meditations and breathing exercises with soothing background music.
– Discussion about the theme of the week. More theme ideas include Coping with Failure, Honesty, Family, and Empathizing.
– Playlists relevant to the theme of the week, which will explore musical genres and artists who have influenced the discussion around mental health.

As well as speaking about the darker, melancholy side of mental health, we want the show to have positive, light-hearted sections about coping mechanisms and life at St Andrews. STAR is such a great platform for us to reach out to St Andrews students and provide a space to feel less lonely without having to talk to anyone. We believe this show could be a great source of comfort to many students who might feel shy or nervous about calling Nightline or Student Services.