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Cady Crowlence

Your summer reading based on your major part 2

Written by on 14 June 2018

Film: Major Must-Read: A Clockwork Orange (Anthony Burgess) One of the most interesting adaptations from novel to film, A Clockwork Orange is written in a bizarre and linguistically unheard of style. Fantastic story that only emphasizes Kubrick’s brilliance in the transfer to film. Take A Break: Fight Club (Chuck Palahniuk) A fun read you will […]

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Your Summer Reading Based on your major (part 1)

Written by on 12 June 2018

  Your Summer Reading List Based on Your Major Cady Crowley   Whether you’re under palm fronds or high rises, on beaches or in offices, sipping cocktails or coffee, you’re out of exams and into the summer. And whatever your plans, a good book is a must-have in any work, travel, or day-to-day tote bag. […]

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