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Lucy Bidgood

Lucy’s Mind Lab- It’s not all Fire and Floods

29 October 2018

We both know that we’re not ready to go back to the lectures and pretending to be interested in the overenthusiastic guy’s opinion in your tutorial.  I bet his name’s Brian, they’re always called Brian.  One week isn’t long enough to not be listening to Brian.   I’ve decided that, instead of providing yet more […]

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Lucy’s Mind Lab: Would St Andrews Survive a Pandemic?

5 October 2018

  I wouldn’t say I’m a raging misanthropist.  Some of my closest friends are people.  But if I remember anything from my past lectures, it wasn’t the valuable knowledge that would stand me in good stead for exams.  It was the rapid gunfire of phlegm bullets echoing around the room, mostly going on from September […]

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