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Films by Black Female Directors that I’ve Loved this Holiday

21 January 2021

Film is pitiful when it comes to representing the work of black women. People from this multifaceted minority group directed less than 1% of the top 1,300 movies from 2007 to 2019 according to a study by USC Annenberg, compared to the 82.5% of directing roles in this selection filled by white men. In the […]

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Check Out Your Local Charity Shops

17 January 2021

As climate change increases and we put more pressure on the earth’s natural resources, we must look towards a sustainable future. Charity shops are a great way of being environmentally friendly, spending time browsing, and saving money. You can donate almost anything. All the clothes are steamed, and if someone tries something on, then that […]

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A Gentle Reminder That You Don’t Have To Lose Weight This January

16 January 2021

Welcome. You’ve made it to January 2021. It’s the new year. I wouldn’t go as far to say all is right with the world, actually that would be a complete lie. However, there is a sense of newness that comes with every month of January, despite if that newness is felt within the confines of […]

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Why Students Don’t Need to Worry About What’s in the Vaccine

15 January 2021

I’d like to think that anyone attending university is educated enough to not be an anti-vaxxer, but nothing really surprises me anymore these days. It genuinely pains me to see how many people around my age have posted on social media about how they will flat-out refuse to take the vaccine once it is available […]

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Social Media Is Harmful. Why Can’t We Give It Up?

13 January 2021

Social media is harmful. Why can’t we give it up? Either, we believe that its positives as a ‘social tool’ outweigh the negatives and justify its use. Or, we are ‘in too deep’, too addicted and reliant on social media to delete it or even acknowledge an issue. Assuming you came here from Facebook, I […]

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The Mandalorian Season 2: Raising the Bar for Star Wars

13 January 2021

Having had some time to reflect on the second season of The Mandalorian since it’s bombastic and fan–service–filled finale, I can confidently say that executive producers Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have set a new standard for the beloved space-faring franchise. Coming off an already impressive first season, they took the opportunity to go bigger and better. Through expanding the lore in new and […]

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