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The Record

Timely Escapism

1 March 2021

We all need a bit of escapism right now and, for many, the destination of choice has been the land of fiction. Before I continue, I will admit that I’m a historian at heart. Degree aside, I have always been fascinated by the past and the people in it. And I’m by no means the […]

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Artist of the Month: Edvard Munch

28 February 2021

So, February. Month of the two most important days in my life: valentine’s day and pancake day, each an opportunity to indulge in far too much chocolate. Also it’s the month of my birthday but that’s irrelevant. I’d say valentine’s day is perhaps more relevant to this month’s artist than pancakes, but, of course, feel […]

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Half-Life 2 – Does It Hold Up?

28 February 2021

This week, Morgan reviews Half-Life 2, in order to feel like he’s actually contributing to society. I’m really about to stumble into the lion enclosure here, aren’t I? It’s a shame I didn’t do this review back before Christmas; it would have been the ideal way to thin out my social circle fast and not […]

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The Second Sleep

26 February 2021

I’m not alone when I say I’m not a morning person. I have 3 or 4 alarms on my phone linked to Spotify so I can wake up to the easy sounds of an acoustic guitar at 7am. I press snooze each time, only kicking off the covers and rolling out of bed when the […]

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Is It Time for Attenborough to #PassTheMic?

25 February 2021

When David Attenborough joined Instagram at the end of September last year, he reached one million followers faster than any other account in history. In fact, he reached 6.2 million with relative ease. But by the end of October, he announced his permanent departure from the platform. Attenborough’s decision is perfectly understandable. Social media can […]

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Why We Need to Talk About Amy March

24 February 2021

There are so many groups of characters, sisters out there that when watching a film, you are inclined to ask who you see yourself as.  Are you a Donna, Tanya or a Rosie? Are you a Rachel, Phoebe or Monica?  In the case of Louisa May Alcott’s classic story Little Women: are you a Jo, […]

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