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Your Favourite Rom-Com – Outdated & Unattainable, or Harmless Fun?

14 February 2021

Love them or loathe them, romantic comedies remain one of the most popular movie genres of the 21st century. The same love-struck, hopeless romantics appear on screen time and time again. The plots follow the same tried and tested formula and are for the most part light-hearted and often based on a preposterous premise. You […]

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Aarushi’s Playlist

13 February 2021

As February rolls around and we all begin to question the passage of time and our own existences once again, I bring you a list of some of my favourite songs that bring some hope as we head into this increasingly difficult semester. Exeunt by The Hellos: This song is beautiful, like all of their […]

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JoJo Siwa & the Importance of Queer Representation in Children’s Media

12 February 2021

It’s safe to say that ex Dance Moms star, teenager JoJo Siwa, has a fair few titles under her belt. Sold out arena tours. 12 million YouTube subscribers. Global merchandise collections. Time’s 2020 list of the 100 most influential people…in the world. And she recently opened up about her sexuality. With a massive following, particularly […]

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A Feminist Re-Framing of Women’s Fascination with the ‘True Crime’ Genre

11 February 2021

T/W: Very brief non-explicit references to assault, murder, victims There’s just something about true crime which fascinates us – is it the often gruesome details? The twisted minds of serial killers? Unsolved vanishings? Or perhaps that many popular stories are about people just like us, who just happened to be caught up in something intensely […]

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Listening: The New Reading?

10 February 2021

Modern software tech replacing physical objects seems to be a common trend over the past few years. The replacement of DVDs with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video come to mind. Online shopping instead of the high street. This trend seems to invade every aspect of day-to-day consumption. Whilst this introduction could launch me into a […]

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Home, Home, Homesick

9 February 2021

How would you define homesickness? Is it the feeling of missing your family or friends back where you came from? Is that home to you? Do you miss home often? What is it really? Homesickness can seem like an umbrella term for feelings related to home, nostalgia and missing someone/something. I don’t think I’ve ever […]

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