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Horror Podcast Recommendations

17 April 2021

In honour of my favourite horror Podcast The Magnus Archives ending, I bring a recommendation of some of my other horror-related media, just in case you’re also missing The Magnus Archives. Unwell Podcast: An amazing, wonderful, funny and spooky podcast set in Midwest America. Features lesbians! What else could anyone want? Within the Wires: Whenever […]

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There Is Always Light: How Poetry Holds The Torch

16 April 2021

America’s first national youth poet laureate. The youngest poet given the honour of delivering the presidential inaugural poem. Amanda Gorman. Not only was she able to craft and perform an exceptional poem, but she also did what English teachers have spent years trying to achieve. She made people who don’t like poetry, actually like poetry. […]

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Ten Songs for your “Moody Beach Walk” Playlist

14 April 2021

Prior to this year, grabbing a coffee with a friend and walking down West Sands was a welcome break from hours spent in lectures and the library. Now, when managing to book a seat at the library brings the same rush as seeing Cascada perform live in 601, my relationship with the term “beach walk” […]

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Which Supermarket Has the Best Cookie?

13 April 2021

Welcome! You have clicked here to find out the judge’s (me) comment on the grocers’ cookies you can find in St Andrews (and also others located across UK). It has taken me 4 years to decide that I want to invest a bit in cookies and compare the ones you can find in markets. Although […]

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Netflix vs Amazon Prime – Which Is Better?

12 April 2021

Gone are the days of buying a DVD or VHS from HMV or begging your parents to buy a paper view movie from Sky Box Office. As the Pandemic has progressed the more that Netflix and Amazon Prime have become a part of our lives. Everyone remembers the rise of “Tiger King” in March/April of […]

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From One Adoptee to Another

11 April 2021

 “Where are you really from?” and “Do you want to find your real parents?” are questions almost every adoptee faces at some point growing up. As two adoptees from China, we both have experienced these awkward discussions with classmates, teachers and random people on the street, even though we grew up in different countries, Sweden […]

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