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The Diary of a Voluntary Lockdownee

26 September 2020

I’m sure I speak for many student journalists when I say that last week’s news of a voluntary lockdown absolutely thrilled me. Finally, a chance to write about something relevant to every student in St Andrews! I might even break double digits in readership this time! Human misery on a vast scale is like catnip to journalists. I […]

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Artist of the Month: Vermeer

25 September 2020

I’ve only been at St Andrews for a short while and September is already almost over. I feel a certain Scottish chill settle permanently into my bones that can only be attributed to me living in the coldest room of the building. The radiators being on full blast has not seemed to make much of a difference. Nevertheless, as […]

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St Andrews Students Urged To Avoid Pubs, Bars & Restaurants

24 September 2020

In her latest email to students at the University, Principal Sally Mapstone asked students to voluntarily avoid pubs, bars and restaurants – for this weekend only, ‘dependent on case numbers stabilising’. This action is being taken by all Scottish universities. This followed news that a further 5 cases of coronavirus had been reported in the […]

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Tributes to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

24 September 2020

Following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice and liberal feminist icon, there has been an outpouring of tributes to her legacy. The Record has received two such obituaries, which we are pleased to present below: Notorious RBG – Maddie McCall I remember sitting in the second row of my government class about […]

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Review: Rhapsody of Ogygia by ORPH€A

23 September 2020

In our university, we have many successful up-and-coming musicians, and this rich talent is often displayed by STAR, especially by events such as the Bell Pettigrew Sessions. In this article, I’ll be exploring the most recent EP by Kristie, also known as ORPH€A, Rhapsody of Ogygia, with songs inspired by Homer’s Odyssey – so, as […]

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Becoming An Undergraduate At 27

22 September 2020

After I left school in 2010 and didn’t head off to university like most of my peers, I was always under the impression that I’d missed my chance at going on to study for a degree at university. I didn’t succeed as much as I’d like at high school. My grades weren’t bad, but they […]

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