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Review of ‘FREE I.H.’ – illuminati hotties

5 August 2020

Sarah Tudzin doesn’t give listeners a thesis to pour over in search of deep meanings and other easter eggs. She’s always delivered her messages straight ahead sans mystery, and her latest release pushes that M.O. to new heights. FREE I.H: This Is Not the One You’ve Been Waiting For, the new record from Tudzin’s illuminati […]

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Steel Steed: Fife by Bicycle

4 August 2020

In recent months, the bicycle has stepped into the limelight as the poster-child for post-coronavirus transport. It’s a safe, inexpensive and socially distanced way to run errands, get some exercise, or explore the world around you. Plus, it has low environmental impact. It’s also fun – there’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment of […]

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President-ing In A Pandemic

3 August 2020

My name is Jamie, and until the 30th of June this year I was President of the Students’ Association at the University of St Andrews. While I wouldn’t say my former job ranks anywhere near the most challenging to do during a pandemic, the experience has at least been interesting enough that I think it’s […]

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folklore: A Track-By-Track Review

2 August 2020

Okay.  I’ve never really liked Taylor Swift. With a music taste such as mine – one which involves an eclectic mix of Hozier and Rufus Wainwright with the occasional dash of Tom Rosenthal, and is almost worryingly centred on good old emotional male vocals with acoustic backing – she’s never really appealed to me. Until […]

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The Mysteries of ‘Dark’

31 July 2020

The Netflix series ‘Dark’  builds an evocative vision of the ordinary lives of individuals who seem so different, yet are intertwined by the hand of fate to move along a predestined path. This show is based on a deterministic theory which explains the very reason things happen the way they do – as if humans are tiny fragments […]

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What to Watch: 10 Cloverfield Lane

30 July 2020

Late one evening in March 2016, I went to the cinema to see 10 Cloverfield Lane, knowing practically nothing about the film I was about to watch. Until just a few weeks before its release, nobody (including the cast and crew) even knew the name of the film, and the publicity had given very little […]

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