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The Next Summer of Love?

12 May 2021

It’s been more than year since we’ve experienced summer festivals filled with live music, face paint, and muddy boots. Now there’s hope that festivals such as TRNSMT could return in September 2021. Some are anticipating that the return of nationwide festivals will create a Third Summer of Love. So, I wonder, could the return of […]

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Off the Beaten Track: Elgin

20 April 2021

Elgin is a historic town dating back to the 12th century roughly a 1-hour drive from Inverness. In many ways, it is the heart of Moray and the rolling pastures which enshroud the south bank of the Moray Firth. Intimately involved in the real-life of MacBeth (before Shakespeare brought him fame) there is history everywhere […]

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Go Outside: Explore Scotland Now That We Can

19 April 2021

This week, Scotland eased its restrictions and started edging its way out of lockdown. I err on the side of caution, and my behaviour hasn’t changed much since Friday. However, despite not really craving getting a haircut or sitting in a crowded beer garden there is one freedom we gained this week that I’m absolutely […]

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There Is Always Light: How Poetry Holds The Torch

16 April 2021

America’s first national youth poet laureate. The youngest poet given the honour of delivering the presidential inaugural poem. Amanda Gorman. Not only was she able to craft and perform an exceptional poem, but she also did what English teachers have spent years trying to achieve. She made people who don’t like poetry, actually like poetry. […]

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From One Adoptee to Another

11 April 2021

 “Where are you really from?” and “Do you want to find your real parents?” are questions almost every adoptee faces at some point growing up. As two adoptees from China, we both have experienced these awkward discussions with classmates, teachers and random people on the street, even though we grew up in different countries, Sweden […]

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Why We Love the “Good For Her” Film Trope

9 April 2021

(A fair warning, there are spoilers for Gone Girl and Midsommar, so if you’d rather be surprised, don’t read ahead!) Not long ago, I read Gone Girl, devouring it in a couple of days and immediately watching the movie, which was just as good, and I can now admit that I am one of those […]

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Can You Name a Female Artist?

6 April 2021

Can you name a female artist? Perhaps you know the name Georgia O’Keefe, Barbara Hepworth or Tracey Emin? Or maybe not. How much faster does it take you to name a male artist? Is it instantaneous? I’m sure it’s a much more comfortable question, you could name anyone – everyone knows the famous ninja turtles […]

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Books Around the World

5 April 2021

Recently, I’ve been trying to read more books from around the world, and I’ve ended up finding some which I’m now constantly recommending to people. If you’re interested in travel, want to find books from authors outside of the UK, or even if you’re just looking for something new to read in lockdown, here are […]

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1 April 2021

Over the past fews years, my mom and I have built up an impressive vegetable and flower garden in our backyard. Being able to walk outside and have access to a fresh and gorgeous garden is a luxury that I have missed since being at university. The quaint, cozy flats around St Andrews are incredibly […]

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Artist of the Month: Islamic Tiling

29 March 2021

First of all I’ll begin this article with an apology. Last month’s article was so full of doom and gloom I must really have been down in the dumps when I wrote it! Nevertheless, we move onwards and upwards. March is the heralding of springtime, there are fresh flowers growing everywhere, baby animals being born, […]

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