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Music in St Andrews

3 September 2020

As an incoming student to the prestigious University of St Andrews, you will almost definitely have been forced to watch that video of ‘St Andrews From Above’ the uni loves to plaster all over the internet. With the intense, wailing choral music filling your ears as the camera pans dramatically across the town from the […]

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Top Ten Musicals You Should Watch

18 August 2020

Since about the age of fourteen, I’ve been into musicals. I’ve been a singer since I was eight, and the logical next step seemed to be auditioning for a school musical at fourteen – The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee – which I both got a main role in (Olive Ostrovsky) and broke my […]

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Review of ‘FREE I.H.’ – illuminati hotties

5 August 2020

Sarah Tudzin doesn’t give listeners a thesis to pour over in search of deep meanings and other easter eggs. She’s always delivered her messages straight ahead sans mystery, and her latest release pushes that M.O. to new heights. FREE I.H: This Is Not the One You’ve Been Waiting For, the new record from Tudzin’s illuminati […]

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folklore: A Track-By-Track Review

2 August 2020

Okay.  I’ve never really liked Taylor Swift. With a music taste such as mine – one which involves an eclectic mix of Hozier and Rufus Wainwright with the occasional dash of Tom Rosenthal, and is almost worryingly centred on good old emotional male vocals with acoustic backing – she’s never really appealed to me. Until […]

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10 Tracks You Haven’t Heard

18 July 2020

Throughout most of my young life, I did not like popular music. Growing up, my house was filled with the melodious sounds of BBC Radio 3, and very occasionally a pop song from the 1960s. However, thanks to the flourishing hipster subculture throughout my teens, and with the help of Vevo on YouTube, I finally […]

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Coronavirus and the Music Industry

6 July 2020

The summer concert schedule doesn’t look quite like everyone expected. The warm weather usually means touring artists and major festivals with packed crowds of strangers. However, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, event organisers have been forced to cancel or postpone virtually every large social gathering centred around music. In an industry linked to live experiences and full audiences, concert […]

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Ranking Every Conor Oberst Album

27 June 2020

I’ve tried to include every album and EP Conor Oberst has made, but there are some omissions to avoid repetition. 32. Water – 1993 (Conor Oberst) Here’s the thing: Conor Oberst was thirteen when he made this. Thirteen. The guitarwork is sometimes a bit off, but the songs are remarkably well-structured given his age. In […]

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Rap and Race: BlackLivesMatter Music

24 June 2020

Although viewed by some as mindless lyrics and 808 beats, rap becomes especially meaningful when listened to in its historical and social context. Rap serves as a way to highlight injustices, particularly those faced by black Americans. Rap first took a distinct form in the 1970s in New York City. As disco began its decline, […]

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Revisiting Allo Darlin’s Debut Album 10 Years On

6 June 2020

Though they released three albums over the course of their relatively short career, Allo Darlin’s self-titled debut remains their strongest work. It’s an album I can only describe as ‘lovely’. Listening to it is like meeting up with an old friend. From spring to late summer it’s essential listening for me. But rather than the […]

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Review: DONT WALK 2020

5 March 2020

World ending? Party like it!             This past Saturday, revelers by the busload were transported to a fantastic event that has for years been the highlight of the Spring social season. The event, of course, was this year’s iteration of DONT WALK, the student-run and modeled fashion show whose annual fund-raising events have attracted heavy hitters […]

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