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Happy Hour

In a world of seemingly never ending news of devastation, hatred, and lies, I decided that it's time for a positive news show. Having to avoid listening [...]


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Her Talk

The radio show for the latest news of women in the music industry. Join us each week as we discuss a female artist who has made an impact on the music industry, a touch of new music, and songs we forgot existed but love too.


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don't follow surina martin on spotify


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LC Squared

Laine Capshaw and Lucas Capone haven't written a show description.


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CAMPfire Tales

St Andrews' rowdiest bunch of campers are now live on air with tales that may or may not be improvised. Every Sunday at 1pm on STAR. Let’s get messy [...]


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The Little Things

An enthusiastic and wholesome discussion of the good things in life, ‘The Little Things’ is a show dedicated to happiness, where each week we discuss the things in life that make us happy, from a movie to a type of tea.


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The Debrief

Two university students, one Scottish, one American, just trying to make it through with their brains and livers still intact. Calum Esler and Katja [...]


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Two’s Kompany

The show that alternates between two brain boxes sharing their entirely correct opinions about the beautiful game, and two drunks rambling on about [...]


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Young Love Club

Greer Ross-McLennan hasn't written a show description.


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Tangents: With Jo And Jamie

Joseph Luke and Jamie Rees are two clueless maths students who can't talk about anything for more than 12 seconds before veering dramatically off-topic.


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Bubble Rap

Tune in to Bubble Rap for the latest hip-hop tracks and news, plus a few classics and forgotten gems. And, as always, IF YOU SEND IN A FREESTYLE WE WILL PLAY IT!


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Súbeme la Radio

STAR’s weekly hour of reggaeton, ritmo, and all things despacito! From pop to politics, tune in for Spanish chat and tunes. <iframe width="100%" [...]


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Gimme the Speaker

Sebastian Flame and Matthew Chandler haven't written a show description.


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Video Games Are Fun But Also Sad

Duncan Bowyer and Tom Harley haven't written a show description.


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Lonely Detective Man

A young detective man. Lonely. A mystery to solve. Presented by Roberto Garcia.[...]


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