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Memory Lane

Take a break from the present to remember the past! We listen to some old faves and relive some of our memories. Nostalgia guaranteed!


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Confused and Trebled

Our observations and understandings of St Andrews, commercialised for the masses. This program is the soundtrack we use to navigate through [...]


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To Whom It May Concern

Need advice on anything? Got a question to embarrassed to ask your friends? We’ll give you answers on live radio. Because we’re concerned. Send us your [...]


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Conspiring Minds

An hour-long discussion concerning people's favourite conspiracy theories, spooky stories, and unexplained happenings, along with some cool tunes allowing [...]


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Scotland and Beyond: Through the Years

Working through the years picking up from 1977, playing music, and talking about some important events from that year. A wide range of music will be [...]


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Shower Thoughts

A light-hearted and witty commentary on life in St Andrews. Join three friends who certainly don't see eye-to-eye, but will attempt to scrutinise the [...]


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Screen Queens

Elizabeth Bowie, Rebecca Jonas, and Caitlin Whiteley haven't written a show description.


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Fully Stocked

Fully Stocked is a radio show all about food: what we eat, how we eat it, who we share it with, and how it shapes us. From interviews with local chefs and [...]


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That’s What Cheese Said

A weekly discussion of all things food related (and also not food related). Tune in for a gouda time! <iframe [...]


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Apocalypse Now

Tuesdays at 6pm GMT tune in to listen to Lindy Connors, Jordi Lamb, and sometimes their friends if they decide to come through discuss all the ways the human race can die out.


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The Second Sound

In these tumultuous times, there are few safe spaces for the girls and gays to freely speak their minds. And in a world drowning in problematic men we need champions to raise up the girls that keep the music industry alive. On The Second Sound your hosts Alex Ehrenberg and Jordan McKay do both.


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Flapjack Various

Kieran Ezra-Wallbanks and Blandine Hoge are flapjack various! Tune in every Tuesday from 8-9pm for some smashing tunes of all sorts, and thought-provoking [...]


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RockSTAR is the St Andrews Rock & Metal Society’s radio show. Every year the society elects a new host who gives the show a new style.


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The Homework Club

Self-love, techno, disco, bongos, breaks, and feel-good gibberish. Presented by Hugo Jobst.[...]


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Background Music

Hidden gem music.


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Starfields Unsolved

Some university students with no investigative training take a crack at unsolved murders, mysteries, and crimes. Like Buzzfeed Unsolved, this show aims to [...]


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Live DJ sets, artist promotions, music, art and culture discussions. Presented by Clark Gray.[...]


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