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Advice for Small Businesses, from Small Businesses

6 March 2021

How to support them, and tips for starting your own – from St Andrews’ very own student entrepreneurs. Whilst researching the different businesses being run by St Andrews students, I asked each of the owners about what advice they would give people who are looking to get involved with student-run businesses – whether by supporting […]

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Student-Run Businesses You Need To See (Part 2)

5 March 2021

This is part two of my attempt to compile a list of businesses being run by St Andrews students. In this article, I’m highlighting service-based businesses, and a couple of brands which will be launching in the very near future. Blackmoorxart If you’re looking for art commissions in St Andrews, 3rd year student Hanabi Blackmoor […]

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Student-Run Businesses You Need To See (Part 1)

4 March 2021

Recently, I’ve been noticing some Instagram pages popping up for businesses being run by St Andrews students. After watching these pages grow for a while, I began wondering: how many other businesses are out there that I haven’t stumbled across yet? As soon as I started researching, I saw that just as I had imagined, there were loads […]

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Airbnb or Fair B&B?

24 October 2020

Small disclaimer: please only travel if and when it is safe to do so. I’m sorry you missed your standard two weeks in the sun, but a holiday is not a right, whereas the safety of the general population is. For those of you heading out on a staycation soon or who are optimistically planning […]

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For The Record: Nationalists, No Deal & New Zealand

18 October 2020

It can be hard to keep up with the news. That’s why we do the hard work for you, making sure everything is written up each Sunday ‘For The Record’. Local It was quite a quiet week in local news; there were few Scottish stories, and few headlines from St Andrews itself. No single headline […]

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