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James McClean & The Poppy

16 November 2020

Football fans will be more than familiar with the routine come November: poppies on shirts, moments silence, manufactured rage against James McClean. Every year since the Derry native came to Britain in 2011, he has received vitriolic abuse for the crime of refusing to wear a poppy. Anyone familiar with the recent history of Northern […]

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Petrified: White Supremacy Set In Stone

22 June 2020

The past few months completely shook the unsuspecting year of 2020, and as countries across the globe went into lockdown it seemed as if the world had gone quiet. It was in the midst of this silence that the Black Lives Matter movement erupted following the murder – it was murder – of George Floyd […]

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Why Remove a Statue?

17 June 2020

To hear the ‘moderate’ response to the removal of the statue of Edward Colston, such as the view recently given by Keir Starmer, is to hear what best resembles a commentary of a tennis match. A point is served before some sort of ‘but’ is attached to the end as a return shot, helping to […]

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Why We Aren’t So Different To Edward Colston

12 June 2020

On a sunny afternoon in Bristol the statue of Edward Colston, a former slave trader, was torn down by Black Lives Matter protestors amid cheers and jubilation. It was promptly dumped into the River Avon. Whilst many have praised this as a sign of progression and justice, it belies a worrying trend towards an absolute […]

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