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Event review

Bargain Ball: Best Bargain Yet!

21 April 2019

Skint? Run out of Daddy’s money? Spent it all on DRA and North Haugh extravaganza’s? Well Comedy society’s Bargain Ball is here to save the day! I collected my wristband from Main Bar earlier on Tuesday, at which I was surprised to see that all ticket bearers received a personalised nickname. What a hoot! As […]

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2017 Christmas Ball Review

4 December 2017

Euan Elder Similar to what happens on most nights out in St. Andrews, this year’s Christmas Ball followed the tradition of showing face at the SU with the Just So society’s pre-event. Students had worked hard to decorate the main bar with tinsel and a printed New York City skyline, accompanied with classic Christmas tunes, […]

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Review of Label’s Launch Party

10 November 2017

Calum Esler Here in St. Andrews it is clear that we care a lot about the way we look. You only have to walk down Market Street to see how fashion conscious students are here, which means it is no surprise that so many fashion shows take place throughout the year. Yet, whilst it’s great […]

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House of Horror: Dreamland Reviewed

6 November 2017

Cady Crowley Have you ever been transported back in time to a 1910s nightmare? Pulled candy out of old glass canisters a few feet from a mad clown chopping up someone’s leg? Or shotgunned an energy drink off a vintage barrel before descending back into the smoke infused dance hall? If you spent your halloween […]

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House of Horror: Dreamland

31 October 2017

Cady Crowley As Halloween approaches, St Andrews gets ready to celebrate once more with Kinkell’s House of Horror team, under this year’s theme of Dreamland. Tickets have already been sold out for this 18+ event, so we spoke to the Dreamland team a bit on what makes this year’s House so special, and how to […]

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