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human rights

It’s Not Me, It’s You (The End of Our Love Affair with Fast Fashion)

16 March 2021

Fast fashion is a massive worldwide industry, dominating its sector both in terms of production and sales values. “Fast Fashion” can be defined as the production and marketing of very cheap clothing and in vast amounts. These clothes are often of poor quality, in some cases close to a wear once and throw away scenario. […]

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What You Need To Know About #AfricaIsBleeding

6 November 2020

If you’ve had any access to social media recently, you may have stumbled across #AfricaIsBleeding. The trending hashtag has found itself on multiple social media platforms, notably Instagram and Twitter, and has been used to shed light on several political and societal issues that have taken place in several African nations. #AfricaIsBleeding grew in popularity […]

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