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Review of Mayday Parade’s Self-Titled Album (2011)

3 February 2021

My Spotify Wrapped and listening report has revealed something about me I didn’t realise before: I listen to a lot of Mayday Parade. I couldn’t tell you why since I thought I’d left behind my edgy angst phase back in 2014, but it seems as though some things never change. Mayday Parade is a […]

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The Best Songs of 2020

31 January 2021

Last year I wrote “Top 10 Worst Songs of 2019” for The Record and people seemed to really like the article. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a harsh critical analysis of pop music and I was fully prepared to make the same list again for 2020. However, we all know how sh*t 2020 was […]

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Rating Every Version of Mitski’s ‘Class of 2013’

9 January 2021

Music acts as both an emotional outlet for artists, and an emotional conductor for listeners. Though a lot of artists come close, Mitski is one of the only artists who can, without fail, make me feel something. I have a deep emotional connection with almost every single one of her songs, but there’s one that […]

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Review: What Chaos is Imaginary

8 January 2021

Girlpool is a rock duo from Los Angeles, California, formed by the two guitarists and bassists Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad. What Chaos is Imaginary is their third studio album, released in 2019. The album reaches at concepts like getting older and still feeling young, going through physical changes, and learning to love the past […]

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A Breakdown (not that kind) of Spotify Playlists

6 January 2021

Who asked? Absolutely nobody. But Joseph Luke, Head of The Record, is exploiting my labour and forcing me to write an article. Although if we’re being honest, in the current climate (read: pandemic) my role as Head of Events is a little… constrained… so I’m happy to oblige. And what other personality trait do I […]

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Folklore & Evermore – Taylor Swift’s 2020

26 December 2020

Although some people might not want to think back to the time-stop that was Summer 2020,  I want to quickly mention July. Funnily enough I wasn’t doing much of significance, maybe planning yet another Zoom call or reluctantly helping my sister bake. I do remember, however, where I was when Taylor Swift revealed she was […]

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Review: Positions by Ariana Grande

2 November 2020

I’d like to preface this review by saying that I love Ariana Grande. Her past two albums have been brilliant and feature some of the best songs of her career, despite coming out within six months of each other. God is a woman was my most played song on Spotify for two years in a […]

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Discography Deep Dive: Kate Bush

17 October 2020

This is the second article in a series in which I listen to the entire back catalogue of an artist and give brief reviews of each album. I have previously reviewed Lady Gaga’s discography, which you can read here. If you want to see me review a particular artist, feel free to let me know […]

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Your October Playlist: A Seasonal Soundtrack

13 October 2020

Finally, the holy trinity of months is upon us! Although this is my first fall in St Andrews, I already know that this little town is going to be one of the best places to experience some of my favorite months of the year.   While I know many of us might be feeling like […]

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Music I Listened To During Lockdown

10 October 2020

“I am gonna make it through this year, even if it kills me.” John Darnielle sang this line in 2005, as part of the song This Year in the album Sunset Tree. It seems to fit 2020 like a glove.  During lockdown, most of what I did involved listening to The Mountain Goats almost religiously. […]

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