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Whatever Happened to #BuildBackBetter?

30 January 2021

It really wasn’t that long ago that we found ourselves unable to ignore the blatant failings of our economy. Some of us sat in our homes, heated and well-fed, only able to complain about slow WiFi or not being able to see our friends. And people did complain, a lot. That was until we saw […]

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On Hope, Love and Revolution

18 December 2020

Content Warning: Mentions of current events (police brutality and discriminatory laws in the US and India). To say that this year was brutal would be an understatement, but to also blame this year for everything that happened would be false.  We’ve been through a lot this year and I won’t go into detail about that, […]

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Cancel Culture: Are We Losing the Right to Free Speech?

28 November 2020

You can’t say anything these days. From Fessdrews to national news, it’s a popular opinion that political correctness has gone too far, hindering our ability to have productive political and social dialogue with one another. Everyone is shouting about the danger of ‘wokeness’ stopping anybody from saying anything, a view that seems to have gained […]

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For The Record: Boris, Bullying & Blorgia 

22 November 2020

It can be difficult to keep up with the news. That’s why we do the hard work for you, making sure everything is written up each Sunday ‘For The Record’. Local With regards to Covid, local news continued along the same trends followed in previous weeks. An alcohol ban on the ScotRail network came into […]

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The Campaign for Free School Meals

9 November 2020

Editor’s Note: Since this article was written, the UK Government has changed its position on free school meals, thanks largely to the efforts of Marcus Rashford and his campaign. There will now be £396 million of support to provide free school meals this Christmas, as well as next Easter and over the summer holidays. This will help feed […]

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For The Record: Election Special

8 November 2020

We interrupt your regularly scheduled article to bring you this important message: Joe Biden has won the US Presidential Election. Instead of our usual recap of local, national and international news, this week For The Record will recap the final week of an election that at times seemed like it would never actually end – […]

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What You Need To Know About #AfricaIsBleeding

6 November 2020

If you’ve had any access to social media recently, you may have stumbled across #AfricaIsBleeding. The trending hashtag has found itself on multiple social media platforms, notably Instagram and Twitter, and has been used to shed light on several political and societal issues that have taken place in several African nations. #AfricaIsBleeding grew in popularity […]

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For The Record: Christmas, Corbyn & Covid

1 November 2020

It can be hard to keep up with the news. That’s why we do the hard work for you, making sure everything is written up each Sunday ‘For The Record’. Local Overall, it’s been a quiet week for local news. The deputy first minister, John Swinney, said that students not being able to return home […]

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Amy Coney Barrett, Confirmed.

30 October 2020

On October 27th, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the US Supreme Court. After the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there was great controversy over her replacement in the Supreme Court. Donald Trump’s pick was no other than Amy Coney Barrett. Trump took the vacancy in the bench as an opportunity to tip the court […]

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Mrs America: Women for Women?

28 October 2020

The BBC recently released (or not so recently, I’m really bad at getting through shows) Mrs America, a programme that follows the journey of the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment in the US) and the key figures involved in the fight for women’s rights. While the show does contain fictional characters and events, they all help […]

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