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Starlings in Quarantine: Eli Thayer

11 July 2020

I stayed up late last night.  That’s been a recurring theme over these last few months. It’s an easy habit to slip into at the moment, seeing as there’s nowhere to go, nobody to see, and little to do each day. As contact with the outside world falls further into memory, other notions of regularity […]

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Why Remove a Statue?

17 June 2020

To hear the ‘moderate’ response to the removal of the statue of Edward Colston, such as the view recently given by Keir Starmer, is to hear what best resembles a commentary of a tennis match. A point is served before some sort of ‘but’ is attached to the end as a return shot, helping to […]

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Sorting the Laundry

16 October 2019

So, before I start, I don’t want people to see this as a riposte to the article by Theo Cruise, or an attack on The Record for publishing it. After all, there’s not much in it that I can really disagree with. Laundry (both in halls of residence and in private accommodation like Ayton House) […]

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In Defence of Climate Activism

14 October 2019

It was a sight to behold: merely two weeks after hundreds of St Andrews students formed a front against a climate change, united in unanimous acknowledgment that we, the human species, are killing almost everything we can, already they are derided. Not simply derided by local newspapers but by an online publication run by fellow […]

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In Defence of a cappella

8 October 2018

This article was written as a response to: Trash Thursdays – A cappella, by Calum Esler   Why anyone would want to read the milquetoast spew of ignorance published on this blog last week, when the very third sentence contains a straight-up lie, is beyond me. But having been asked to write a response, and mindful […]

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