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What to Watch: Rebecca

17 December 2020

Okay, confession time – I haven’t seen the Hitchcock adaptation of Rebecca. Worse still, I haven’t even read Daphne de Maurier’s original (and much beloved) source novel. I know, it’s shameful. And my ignorance is not for lack of interest either: a gothic ghost story; a sinister housekeeper; scandals; secrets, and shipwrecks – it’s everything […]

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Bioshock 2 – Do Drugs, Kids

25 November 2020

Morgan continues using The Record as an outlet for his impotent rage, as the March lockdown didn’t satisfactorily isolate him from society.   Much like the weird smelly kid your mum forces you to be friends with, I tend to avoid Bioshock 2, and judging by the way the game constantly crashed every five minutes, […]

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Review: Theory of Love

23 November 2020

“Theory Of Love” is another Thai BL series that I discovered during isolation. Aired from June until August 2019, the show follows the story of Third, a third-year film major and his close friends, Khai, Bone and Two. For almost three years, Third has had a huge crush on Khai but is not brave enough […]

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Bioshock: Who Lives In A Dystopia Under The Sea?

20 November 2020

Morgan continues using The Record as his own personal venting outlet, just to show them. To show them all. As our world seems to grow ever closer to biological, ecological and nuclear disaster, you see many normal people like you and me taking courageous steps to improve our worsening situation. There’s you, leading protests against […]

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Review: My Bubble Tea

17 November 2020

A love potion, two handsome young men, and the woman who gets caught in between. These are the main elements of a chaotic love triangle portrayed by My Bubble Tea – the recent Thai rom-com series. “My Bubble Tea” brews an extraordinary love story through its very first episode which aired on May 22, 2020. […]

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Five Cosy Films to Add to Your November Watchlist

11 November 2020

At this point in 2020, all we want to do is go into hibernation for the winter and hope things will magically work themselves out. The number of articles on comfort movies, comfort books, and comfort foods has almost surpassed the number of articles on how to prepare for a global apocalypse, and I’m here […]

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Review: Love Life

10 November 2020

There’s truly nothing better to do in these cold, blustery nights than to curl up on the sofa and watch a good tale of tear-jerking romance. Love Life, a HBO series created by Sam Boyd, is the perfect binge watch, the perfect romcom, the perfect mix of tough life realisations, funny mishaps, overbearing mothers and […]

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Review: WHY R U?

3 November 2020

Imagine waking up one day in a drama world written by your sister in which everything has become the complete opposite of reality; your best friend is in love with his archenemy… and your lover is your nemesis. Aired from January to April 2020, WHY R U? is a Thai BL/gay television series that follows […]

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Review: Positions by Ariana Grande

2 November 2020

I’d like to preface this review by saying that I love Ariana Grande. Her past two albums have been brilliant and feature some of the best songs of her career, despite coming out within six months of each other. God is a woman was my most played song on Spotify for two years in a […]

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Review: Final US Presidential Debate

27 October 2020

Nashville, Tennessee played host to the final presidential debate ahead of the November 3rd election between President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden. Unsurprisingly, policy matters played second fiddle to point scoring and scaremongering from both ends of the stage.  For the most part, both candidates were restrained: the interruptions which dominated the […]

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