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The Second Sleep

26 February 2021

I’m not alone when I say I’m not a morning person. I have 3 or 4 alarms on my phone linked to Spotify so I can wake up to the easy sounds of an acoustic guitar at 7am. I press snooze each time, only kicking off the covers and rolling out of bed when the […]

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Lucy’s Mind Lab: Would St Andrews Survive a Pandemic?

5 October 2018

  I wouldn’t say I’m a raging misanthropist.  Some of my closest friends are people.  But if I remember anything from my past lectures, it wasn’t the valuable knowledge that would stand me in good stead for exams.  It was the rapid gunfire of phlegm bullets echoing around the room, mostly going on from September […]

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Barbecues vs Nature

4 June 2018

Now that the mental necrosis-inducing monotony of exam revision has ended, we have cause for celebration.  Before we move onto the frightening world of work, postgraduate study or just another year of uni, summer stretches out before us to distract ourselves from impending adulthood.  And while some, like me, are kept in a lab or […]

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Lucy’s Mind Lab: Mary Somerville – Lady Polymath Extraordinaire

2 April 2018

First of all, yes I am fully aware that International Women’s Day has passed.  I do have a concept of time.  And yep, I’m pretty sure that there will be a small number of people who will roll their eyes, will call for an International Men’s Day, will exclaim “But what about all the male […]

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