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Time Well Wasted

The “Time Well Wasted” Video Game Roundup (2020-2021)

16 May 2021

Morgan delivers his final judgements on the games he’s reviewed this academic year, just to cram it down your throat one last time.  If there’s one thing popular review series have taught me, it’s that you can’t end the year (or in this case, the academic year) without some sort of list detailing the best […]

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8 May 2021

This week, Morgan further plans for the zombie apocalypse via video game, despite the fact that he would no doubt be the first one to die. I’m tired of this, Steam. You tease good games, then try to pawn them off for full price when I can get them for at least half the cost […]

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Doom Eternal – And an Article Full of Animal Similes

24 April 2021

This week, Morgan willingly plays Doom Eternal, as his fragile ego has been threatened and he needs to feel better about himself Anyone remember March 2020? Yeah, that was wild, wasn’t it? It marked an earth-shattering event that has shaped society for the entire twelve months since: Animal Crossing and Doom Eternal, two of the […]

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Soma – Soma-ny Horror Games, So Little Time

7 April 2021

This week, Morgan plays another horror game, in an attempt to get some use out of his health insurance. We share a complicated relationship, horror games and I. They seem an ideal choice for a man who has not felt a single emotion since hitting puberty, but then I get around to playing one, and […]

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Star Wars: Battlefront II – The Fault In Our Death Star

25 March 2021

This week, Morgan takes his rage out on a massive corporation, which will never care about his problems nor even know his name. Fans of Star Wars, I feel like there’s been a wedge driven between you and I. I know that everyone’s been treating it like a live nuke that will obliterate society as […]

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Half-Life 2 – Does It Hold Up?

28 February 2021

This week, Morgan reviews Half-Life 2, in order to feel like he’s actually contributing to society. I’m really about to stumble into the lion enclosure here, aren’t I? It’s a shame I didn’t do this review back before Christmas; it would have been the ideal way to thin out my social circle fast and not […]

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Zombie Army Trilogy – No Sign of Zombie Goebbels

5 February 2021

This week, Morgan is inducted into the modern trend of shooting swathes of zombies, the sheep. Nazi zombies always feel like overkill to me. We already dislike regular zombies; their intent to nosh on our balls makes them rather awkward dinner companions. Proceeding to then also make them Nazis feels like an unsubtle method to […]

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Injustice 2 – No Blood, All Spandex

7 January 2021

This week, Morgan gets into the world of fighting games, most likely as a cry for help. Like any shut-in, cosplaying nerd, I love Batman. And I especially love how he always wants to be taken seriously. But once you see him campy-ing it up with Scooby-Doo in those bizarre 1960s crossover episodes, the scales […]

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A Night In Berlin – Ich Bin Ein Reviewer

4 January 2021

Morgan takes the plunge into the void of darkness that is the Steam store’s free-to-play page. Yeah, you’d better look grateful. I’m no clairvoyant. I’m sure I could be; all I’d need is a fancy headband and to swindle enough people out of their money in a cheap tent propped up on ice lolly sticks. […]

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Doom – Doom Or Bust

3 January 2021

This week, Morgan reviews the best-selling testosterone-ridden shoot ‘em up of 2016, in a misguided attempt to become the alpha male. Imagine my disappointment, readers. … Okay, that’s enough imagining, now to put it into words. Already I can feel the judgemental gaze of a few close associates on the back of my neck as […]

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