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Time Well Wasted

Half-Life 2 – Does It Hold Up?

28 February 2021

This week, Morgan reviews Half-Life 2, in order to feel like he’s actually contributing to society. I’m really about to stumble into the lion enclosure here, aren’t I? It’s a shame I didn’t do this review back before Christmas; it would have been the ideal way to thin out my social circle fast and not […]

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Zombie Army Trilogy – No Sign of Zombie Goebbels

5 February 2021

This week, Morgan is inducted into the modern trend of shooting swathes of zombies, the sheep. Nazi zombies always feel like overkill to me. We already dislike regular zombies; their intent to nosh on our balls makes them rather awkward dinner companions. Proceeding to then also make them Nazis feels like an unsubtle method to […]

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Injustice 2 – No Blood, All Spandex

7 January 2021

This week, Morgan gets into the world of fighting games, most likely as a cry for help. Like any shut-in, cosplaying nerd, I love Batman. And I especially love how he always wants to be taken seriously. But once you see him campy-ing it up with Scooby-Doo in those bizarre 1960s crossover episodes, the scales […]

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A Night In Berlin – Ich Bin Ein Reviewer

4 January 2021

Morgan takes the plunge into the void of darkness that is the Steam store’s free-to-play page. Yeah, you’d better look grateful. I’m no clairvoyant. I’m sure I could be; all I’d need is a fancy headband and to swindle enough people out of their money in a cheap tent propped up on ice lolly sticks. […]

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Doom – Doom Or Bust

3 January 2021

This week, Morgan reviews the best-selling testosterone-ridden shoot ‘em up of 2016, in a misguided attempt to become the alpha male. Imagine my disappointment, readers. … Okay, that’s enough imagining, now to put it into words. Already I can feel the judgemental gaze of a few close associates on the back of my neck as […]

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies – Brains! Or A Lack Thereof

2 January 2021

This week, Morgan reviews half of a seven-year-old game, in a last-ditch attempt to silence the homicidal urges. Envision a society that has collapsed in the most brutal way possible. A society overrun with blood, grime, chaos and shambling husks that were once human beings. But that’s enough about my last trip to Glasgow, let’s […]

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Bendy and the Ink Machine – 2B or not 2B

30 December 2020

This week, Morgan decided it best to play an episodic indie game. And he was lucid at the time, astonishingly. We’ve been through a hell of a year, as anyone and their greengrocer will tell you, so it’ll come as little surprise that everyone’s looking forward to what 2021 may bring. Me, I’ve been preparing […]

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Bioshock Infinite – Fly Like An Eagle, Fall Like A Morgan

19 December 2020

Morgan continues blighting The Record with his ramblings, mainly as an excuse to avoid doing the dishes. Bioshock Infinite was released in 2013 to the collective confusion of many fans. Picture it: you’ve spent the first two games sitting in the bottom of the Mariana Trench drugging yourself six ways to Sunday, but in these […]

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Bioshock 2 – Do Drugs, Kids

25 November 2020

Morgan continues using The Record as an outlet for his impotent rage, as the March lockdown didn’t satisfactorily isolate him from society.   Much like the weird smelly kid your mum forces you to be friends with, I tend to avoid Bioshock 2, and judging by the way the game constantly crashed every five minutes, […]

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Bioshock: Who Lives In A Dystopia Under The Sea?

20 November 2020

Morgan continues using The Record as his own personal venting outlet, just to show them. To show them all. As our world seems to grow ever closer to biological, ecological and nuclear disaster, you see many normal people like you and me taking courageous steps to improve our worsening situation. There’s you, leading protests against […]

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