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The Closure of the Barron: A Lament

28 January 2021

The Barron Theatre, nestled just off North Street, is St Andrews’s black-box venue and one of only three entirely student-run theatres in the UK. As well as being home to the Mermaids (The University of St Andrews Performing Arts Fund), whose team of volunteers manage and care for the theatre, it facilitates countless other societies […]

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The 93% Club – Inclusive or Divisive?

6 September 2020

Whether you’re an incoming or current student at St Andrews, the elitist culture at the University is well-known. The stereotypical image of St Andrews students presents golf-playing, champagne-drinking Oxford rejects at their ‘royally’ expensive balls. The St Andrews experience is famous for its emphasis on tradition, but also its extremely hard-working student body; in which only 60.2% […]

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What To Study At St Andrews

24 August 2020

Hello incoming freshers! So you have already decided what degree you’re going to study, but as you may know you can choose up to two additional modules during your first and second year. This is a great opportunity to try completely new subjects from any faculty, as well as those you enjoyed in high school […]

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