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The Washstation Nightmare Lives On

6 March 2020

Halls prepared. Students aware. Plans in place. Having endured several months of criticism, the million-pound goliath that is Washstation, in addition to the concessions already plucked from them in Autumn, finally deigned to speak with its customers. Promising free laundry to all of those who showed, representatives from Washstation repeated ad nauseum how much they […]

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Sorting the Laundry

16 October 2019

So, before I start, I don’t want people to see this as a riposte to the article by Theo Cruise, or an attack on The Record for publishing it. After all, there’s not much in it that I can really disagree with. Laundry (both in halls of residence and in private accommodation like Ayton House) […]

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The Laundry Machines of St Andrews Are Broken and So is The System

9 October 2019

Sometimes you just get frustrated. Like, things are supposed to get better, aren’t they? Even if it’s gradual, even if it’s tortuous. The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice, as MLK said. We shall overcome. Onwards and upwards. Ever to excel. That sort of thing.  And yet, here we are. When […]

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