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Please Vote in the 2019 EU Elections

3 May 2019

When my Grandparents were visiting on Easter Sunday, we got in to our usual conversation about politics during which I revealed that I would be voting for a party contrary to the one I usually support. My grandmother asked why this was and I responded with a single word… yup you guessed it, “Bins!” Just […]

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STAR Committee Positions

14 March 2019

Applications for the positions below are now closed. Applications for assistant positions will open in September (Assistant Head of News, Assistant Head of Web, and Assistant Technician). Any matriculated student can apply. Email us if you have any questions! Deputy Station Manager: The Station Manager’s voice of reason. You’ll have key input into every decision, […]

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Youth Strike 4 Climate- Waking up the world.

21 February 2019

Becoming aware of the massive impact we are having on the world around us seems to be a big pause-point in most young people’s lives. As time continues however, the overwhelming amount of information surrounding the crisis simply acts to dull the senses. From Newspaper headlines describing the dire fate of the planet in explicit […]

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Gofundour disaster lives

3 December 2018

It truly was a crackin’ party. Crackin’ tunes, crackin’ vibes, crackin’ company and a crackin’… bed. Pre-event, Tom and I discussed, “People jumping on the bed. That’ll be fine. It’s strong. Let the people dance.”   Oh how wrong we were.   I woke up the morning after, ready to clean up the party mess. […]

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Reclaim the Night

28 November 2018

Reclaim the Night has its historic roots in the 1970’s, where the first march occurred in Leeds to demand a woman’s right to walk the streets safely at night. The Reclaim the Night website states writes, “In every sphere of life we negotiate the threat or reality of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment. We […]

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Why Music Tuition Must Be Protected

1 October 2018

In 2017, Edinburgh Council attempted to close down its most famous music school, and proposed further cuts to state schools music budgets. This was met with fury from hundreds of music teachers and pupils across the city, and prompting the Council to drop the proposals. Now, budget cuts have again been proposed that will halve […]

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In Praise of Eurovision

13 May 2018

  Last night was truly something else, maybe not the best Eurovision I’ve watched but it did give us some moments that will live on in my heart until next year. Some highlights, (as told through my live facebook updates) included: Ukraine’s entire performance: “Is this weird Dracula?” Slovenia, fine maybe not the best song […]

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On The Rocks Opens Subcommittee Applications

15 September 2016

Get involved in Scotland’s largest student run arts festival.

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REVIEWED : The Smirths

8 April 2016

Ham and Cheese Panini? A Review on The Smirths By Kenalyn Ang 4 Apr. 16 Audience members file into a lit theatre, finding their seats, perusing leaflets of upcoming OTR events. Soft chatter fills the house, but soon attendees catch sight of a solitary Blind Mirth member, standing on the stage, seemingly running over his […]

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8 April 2016

By Annabel Romanos  Hot Mess was a genuinely charming piece of theatre.     When I first heard that a show was being put on in The Lizard, my heart dropped (in the best way possible) because that place is my JAM.  And despite the show having to move into 601 (for health and safety […]

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