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Why You Should Do A Year Abroad – Even If It’s Not The Best Year Ever

30 June 2020

I always wanted to go on a year abroad. In fact, I had practically decided to go on one even before applying to university and deciding to study modern languages. Everything about a year abroad seemed perfect. Not only an opportunity to escape the piercing wind and pouring rain for a year, but also a […]

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Why We Aren’t So Different To Edward Colston

12 June 2020

On a sunny afternoon in Bristol the statue of Edward Colston, a former slave trader, was torn down by Black Lives Matter protestors amid cheers and jubilation. It was promptly dumped into the River Avon. Whilst many have praised this as a sign of progression and justice, it belies a worrying trend towards an absolute […]

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Black Lives Matter Statement & Resources

3 June 2020

Here at The Record our mission is to amplify student voices. We have heard your anger, and we are angry at the recent events in America, and the ongoing racism across the world. We would like to use our platform today to highlight some of the fantastic resources below. We also want to encourage everybody […]

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Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Was A Cultural Reset

31 May 2020

Possibly the best season since season 6 (spoilers ahead) On Saturday I sat down to watch the finale of this season’s Rupaul’s Drag Race (RPDR for those in the know). Jaida Essence Hall was a deserving winner, although I would honestly have been happy if any of the top three won Rupaul’s one hundred thousand […]

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STAR Committee Positions

14 March 2020

Applications for committee positions are now open! Any matriculated student can apply. Email us if you have any questions! Deputy Station Manager: The Station Manager’s voice of reason. You’ll have key input into every decision, offer a spare pair of hands to whoever needs them, and keep the committee motivated. This is a great role […]

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The Washstation Nightmare Lives On

6 March 2020

Halls prepared. Students aware. Plans in place. Having endured several months of criticism, the million-pound goliath that is Washstation, in addition to the concessions already plucked from them in Autumn, finally deigned to speak with its customers. Promising free laundry to all of those who showed, representatives from Washstation repeated ad nauseum how much they […]

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Preview: Gabriele Uboldi’s Oedipus Rex

10 February 2020

On the 5th February I attended the launch party for Gabriele Uboldi’s Oedipus Rex. Gabriele (Bacchae 2017, Ubu Roi 2018, Bacchae Edinburgh Fringe 2018, Death in the Quad 2018) who both wrote and directed this adaption of Sophocles masterpiece was truly the man of the hour, and looked absolutely resplendent in a rather dashing suit, […]

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Review: November 2019 4th Annual Climate Strike

4 December 2019

The morning of the 29th of November saw the 4th global climate strike in St Andrews, accompanied by sunshine and blue skies. It began at St Salvator’s quad, where third year student and co-founder of Climate Action St Andrews, Léa Weimann, began by addressing the eager crowd. She rallied hearts with her earnest hope and […]

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Climate Action St Andrews Holds Strike: November 2019 Preview

28 November 2019

This Friday, we will once more be met with a call to action by climate activist Greta Thunberg to continue striking on behalf of the dangerous levels of carbon dioxide continuing to enter into the atmosphere. Here in St Andrews, our very own Climate Action group will be holding a strike, starting in Salvator’s Quad at 11am […]

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Corbyn vs Boris vs Twitter

25 November 2019

Over the past week we have seen Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson go head to head on ITV’s live debate, and the pair of them, along with Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson and Scottish National Party and Scotland’s First minister Nicola Sturgeon, faced tough questions from the BBC audience. I will be analysing the strengths […]

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