In honour of my favourite horror Podcast The Magnus Archives ending, I bring a recommendation of some of my other horror-related media, just in case you’re also missing The Magnus Archives.

Unwell Podcast: An amazing, wonderful, funny and spooky podcast set in Midwest America. Features lesbians! What else could anyone want?

Within the Wires: Whenever I think about this podcast, it’s followed by incomprehensible screaming in my head because of the amount of love I have for it. A beautifully written podcast about a dystopian sort of society and people who try to navigate it. Also features lesbians who are artists. 

Death by dying: Another incredibly written podcast about an obituary writer who solves crimes and lives in a small town. Wonderfully spooky and very entertaining.

I am in Eskew: An incredibly creepy and unsettling podcast about a man who lives in a small town where scary things happen. The narrator’s voice is perfect to fall asleep to if you don’t get very scared. 

The Silt Verses: A new, ongoing podcast about two people travelling their country investigating mysterious, spooky goings-on. It has wonderfully detailed imagery and fun writing.

The Magnus Archives may have ended but there are still many other things to get joy from. What I love the most about all these podcasts is the way the characters don’t give up hope. I feel like hope is a good thing to have hope in these times.