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The Washstation Nightmare Lives On

6 March 2020

Halls prepared. Students aware. Plans in place. Having endured several months of criticism, the million-pound goliath that is Washstation, in addition to the concessions already plucked from them in Autumn, finally deigned to speak with its customers. Promising free laundry to all of those who showed, representatives from Washstation repeated ad nauseum how much they […]

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Veganuary Revisited: Fast Food Goes Green(?)

19 February 2020

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that fast food doesn’t tend to cater itself towards the vegan/vegetarian community. At best, they offer mediocre sides and, without prior knowledge of how to “hack” the meals to make it vegan/vegetarian, it is a struggle to eat well. However, things are changing! Veganuary may have paved the way for […]

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The Top Ten Worst Songs of 2019

15 January 2020

2019 has been an unusual year in pop music. The biggest hits of the year have come from completely fresh artists (Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Lizzo, to name a few) while the traditional big names in pop have been floundering relative to these newcomers. The charts have become an odd melting point for a […]

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Review: November 2019 4th Annual Climate Strike

4 December 2019

The morning of the 29th of November saw the 4th global climate strike in St Andrews, accompanied by sunshine and blue skies. It began at St Salvator’s quad, where third year student and co-founder of Climate Action St Andrews, Léa Weimann, began by addressing the eager crowd. She rallied hearts with her earnest hope and […]

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Climate Action St Andrews Holds Strike: November 2019 Preview

28 November 2019

This Friday, we will once more be met with a call to action by climate activist Greta Thunberg to continue striking on behalf of the dangerous levels of carbon dioxide continuing to enter into the atmosphere. Here in St Andrews, our very own Climate Action group will be holding a strike, starting in Salvator’s Quad at 11am […]

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Why we all need CASH!

25 November 2019

Dan Marshall, a 5th year student studying Astrophysics, set up the Campaign for Affordable Student Housing (CASH), officially launching on the 16th of November with a massive team of students behind him. Dan set up the campaign because he was tired of seeing students having to work long hours and move out of St Andrews just to […]

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23 November 2019

I have a bad habit. When someone asks how I’m doing I say, ‘Pretty good’, and then a second later I look up at them and correct myself: ‘Actually, pretty shit’. Usually, they chuckle uneasily; sometimes they adopt a look of concern and ask me why. That always makes me laugh. Why? Why the hell not? I’m […]

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RENT IS A FUCK, or, Why My Former Letting Agency is Garbage

4 November 2019

‘30,000,000 landlords and rich peasants will have to be destroyed’, stated a Chinese Communist Party bulletin just before Mao Zedong’s rise to power, heralding the beginning of what later would be called a ‘classicide’; and while most right-thinking people today would disapprove strongly of the method, one cannot help but sympathise with the motive.  My […]

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The St Andrews Illuminati

3 November 2019

Imagine there was a group of people, whose faces we have never seen and names we do not know, that sit around in a secret room and dictate the university’s strategy and finances, covering issues from housing to the number of Americans that are here (no offence Americans, you are great but there is just […]

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In Defence of Climate Activism

14 October 2019

It was a sight to behold: merely two weeks after hundreds of St Andrews students formed a front against a climate change, united in unanimous acknowledgment that we, the human species, are killing almost everything we can, already they are derided. Not simply derided by local newspapers but by an online publication run by fellow […]

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