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A Year In Review

18 May 2021

Indisputable phenomena is one of the most unnerving concepts for the human brain to grasp. We are programmed to question; to look further; to hypothesize, and disprove or improve upon past findings. The unstoppable nature of time and the inevitable occurrence of manmade or natural disaster, death, and rebirth baffles us because these processes cannot […]

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Artist of the Month: Waterhouse

17 May 2021

This month’s artist is John William Waterhouse purely because I think that everyone deserves some nice, peaceful, stress-free art after exams. At the current time of writing this article, I have just finished and submitted my Art History paper so I, for one, am in the mood for something beautiful. Waterhouse was a member of […]

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The “Time Well Wasted” Video Game Roundup (2020-2021)

16 May 2021

Morgan delivers his final judgements on the games he’s reviewed this academic year, just to cram it down your throat one last time.  If there’s one thing popular review series have taught me, it’s that you can’t end the year (or in this case, the academic year) without some sort of list detailing the best […]

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The Tales Our Clothes Tell: Part 1

14 May 2021

I have always been fascinated by other people’s stories. I am enthralled and interested to hear people’s different life experiences. I assumed everyone was like that- it was such a natural and significant part of me that I truly believed that’s how other people saw the world. I still don’t think I completely understand that […]

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Summer Studying: The Library Books You Should Be Reading This Summer

13 May 2021

Right now, I’m sure many of us never want to read another book from the university library again. I get it. After spending weeks staring at a screen and now being in the middle of frantic essay writing, I cannot wait for the chance to switch off over summer. However, university is an investment, one […]

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The Next Summer of Love?

12 May 2021

It’s been more than year since we’ve experienced summer festivals filled with live music, face paint, and muddy boots. Now there’s hope that festivals such as TRNSMT could return in September 2021. Some are anticipating that the return of nationwide festivals will create a Third Summer of Love. So, I wonder, could the return of […]

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5 Books to Pick Up on Your Days off This Summer

9 May 2021

Exams are upon us and summer break is rapidly approaching, which means everybody’s minds are occupied by thoughts of studying and the plans that await them the moment that studying is over, or, just the fun plans if you’re being honest with yourself. Despite the promise of open bars and live concerts, it’s been a […]

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8 May 2021

This week, Morgan further plans for the zombie apocalypse via video game, despite the fact that he would no doubt be the first one to die. I’m tired of this, Steam. You tease good games, then try to pawn them off for full price when I can get them for at least half the cost […]

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The Joy of Reading

7 May 2021

I’m not a bookworm-since-childhood bibliophile. Fun fact: I didn’t know the proper way of reading books (and it’s so silly) because I’d read the same row of words on both pages before moving to the next row on the left page and start over again. After that, I couldn’t take up a book the same […]

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Rom-Com Recommendations

29 April 2021

I’ve always loved rom-coms and I’m too embarrassed to admit just how many of them I’ve seen. They’re funny, light-hearted and they don’t take themselves too seriously much like myself. And to be honest if I were to be trapped in a rom-com like Isn’t it Romantic you wouldn’t find me complaining! Far from it. All that singing and those silly romantic conundrums sound like a blast! So, I’ve narrowed down the list of rom-coms to my top four so […]

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