I’ve always loved rom-coms and I’m too embarrassed to admit just how many of them I’ve seen. They’re funny, light-hearted and they don’t take themselves too seriously much like myself. Anto be honest if I were to be trapped in a rom-com like Isn’t it Romantic you wouldn’t find me complaining! Far from it. All that singing and those silly romantic conundrums sound like a blast! So, I’ve narrowed down the list of rom-coms to my top four so please enjoy and do watch some of them!

My absolute favourite rom coms is Confessions of a Shopaholic. It is about Becky who is a journalist and the magazine she writes for gets shutdown, so she gets a job after a hysterical interview at a financial paper. The irony is that she is severely in debtMy favourite scene is when the debt collector came to the building she worked in and she pretended he was her ex-boyfriend. This scene made me roll on the floor with laughter. This is the best movie in my opinion by far. The comedy is pure gold, and it really won’t disappointIt is very silly and light-hearted and an absolutely wonderful rom-com.

Another of my favourite rom-coms is She’s the Man. It is genuinely a bunch of laughs a minute! Itis based on Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night. Viola moves to a boy’s school to pursue her interest ifootball, which is the basic premise! It is a hysterical movie and one of my favourite scenes was when Olivia found Viola (masquerading as her twin brother Sebatian’s) poetry and read it out and was very moved by it. My favourite scene is at the end but I’ll let you guys watch the rest of the movie first before I reveal any plot spoilers. I honestly have watched this movie a thousand times and it never gets old. 

Another of my favourite rom-coms is Just Go With It. This rom com is about a plastic surgeon Danny meeting the girl of his dreams and making up a fake family once she finds a wedding ring that he wears to attract the ladies! His secretary pretends to be his ex-wife and her kids their children. They all end up going to Hawaii and having a memorable trip. One of my favourite scenes is when Dolph who is pretending to be the fake ex-wife’s current boyfriend, turns up at the airport. This is a terrific watch so if you fancy a fun break from revision then check it out.

My last rom-com which I’d recommend would be I Give it a Year. This rom-com follows a couple who get married having only known each other for a short time. It soon becomes apparent that they don’t really match and end up liking other people. The script is witty and clever, and it shows the messier side of relationships especially when that person you’re dating isn’t for you. My favourite scene is the ending- it’s a bit cliché but I still loved it! I Give it a Year makes for a very enjoyable watch.