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Review: November 2019 4th Annual Climate Strike

4 December 2019

The morning of the 29th of November saw the 4th global climate strike in St Andrews, accompanied by sunshine and blue skies. It began at St Salvator’s quad, where third year student and co-founder of Climate Action St Andrews, Léa Weimann, began by addressing the eager crowd. She rallied hearts with her earnest hope and […]

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Corbyn vs Boris vs Twitter

25 November 2019

Over the past week we have seen Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson go head to head on ITV’s live debate, and the pair of them, along with Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson and Scottish National Party and Scotland’s First minister Nicola Sturgeon, faced tough questions from the BBC audience. I will be analysing the strengths […]

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Review: On The Pebbles

19 November 2019

This autumn’s On The Rocks preview event, On The Pebbles, dotted the town this past Saturday with pop-up events led by various art communities across town. The events, which offered both hands on and hands off creativity, brought the town well into the winter’s coming festive season with lights, food, drinks, and plenty of live music. […]

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Preview: On the Pebbles

14 November 2019

On The Rocks is back in St Andrews with their autumn preview of April’s annual festival. On The Pebbles, their November event this Saturday (November 16th), will consist of seven events held in various locations around town, and in conjunction with some of our most prominent and exciting student art societies. The best part? This year’s […]

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Review: Luxmuralis

3 November 2019

Spanning across the entirety of the town, Luxmuralis shone as one the most experimental and ambitious crowning jewels within the St Andrews Voices festival. Spread across five distinct locations, the installations promised an evening of lightworks, stunning live music and ambiance galore. Upon approach to the Holy Trinity Church (the main venue of the evening), […]

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Review: Joker (2019)

23 October 2019

(there will be spoilers)  Let us all be clear – I am not the first to write about Joker. I am not at all original in this concept. But that’s okay. Neither was the film.  Leaving the theatre after Joker (after the long line for the loo, my God NPH please fix a cubicle), I had two prominent […]

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Review: Democracy, Voting, and Representation in the Past and Present

14 October 2019

The importance of voting is something that is known to the vast majority of students at this University. As a polling clerk at the last European Parliament election, I was delighted to see many St Andrews students turning out to vote, making sure their voices are heard (and making sure I was kept very busy). […]

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In Defence of Climate Activism

14 October 2019

It was a sight to behold: merely two weeks after hundreds of St Andrews students formed a front against a climate change, united in unanimous acknowledgment that we, the human species, are killing almost everything we can, already they are derided. Not simply derided by local newspapers but by an online publication run by fellow […]

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Review: STARFIELDS 2019

20 September 2019

As the hands of the clock on St Salvator’s Chapel crossed 4 PM, the quadrangle was filled with anticipation. Early attendees eagerly scoped out the food options, bar and entertainment, while staff placed finishing touches on stands and equipment. The overcast sky and blustering winds did little to stifle the growing atmosphere as the sun […]

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Preview: STARFIELDS 2019

12 September 2019

With nearly 2.3 thousand tickets sold, the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show’s STARFIELDS 2019 promises to end Fresher’s Week in a 6 hour, 6 act blaze of house and electronica. Attendees will step into Lower College Lawn and be transported to “The Greatest Event of Freshers Week”. To prepare and inform our readers for this […]

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