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Treat Yo’ Self 2020

7 November 2020

These are troubling times! I’m sure coronavirus content is probably far too ubiquitous for everyone’s liking – mine included. Therefore, in this article I have some recommendations for taking time to yourself, relaxing, and providing some self-care. I will be taking on the figure of your guardian angel and providing you with some remedies to make the […]

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A Guide To Freshers Week

5 September 2020

Inevitably, we have to acknowledge that Freshers Week this September will look very different to previous years. With the university announcement of the COVID code, confirming 3 households in groups of 8 indoors and 15 outdoors as the limits for acceptable gatherings, some areas of university life may look a little different for a while. The university and students […]

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Music in St Andrews

3 September 2020

As an incoming student to the prestigious University of St Andrews, you will almost definitely have been forced to watch that video of ‘St Andrews From Above’ the uni loves to plaster all over the internet. With the intense, wailing choral music filling your ears as the camera pans dramatically across the town from the […]

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A Commuters Survival Guide

28 August 2020

Although it may feel like everybody stays in halls, especially in their first year, there are a number of us who commute to St Andrews from the surrounding area. Considering many freshers have been left without uni accommodation (heart goes out to you my friend), you may find yourself having to commute. Whether you are […]

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What To Study At St Andrews

24 August 2020

Hello incoming freshers! So you have already decided what degree you’re going to study, but as you may know you can choose up to two additional modules during your first and second year. This is a great opportunity to try completely new subjects from any faculty, as well as those you enjoyed in high school […]

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What To Bring To St Andrews

6 August 2020

Welcome incoming first years! As move-in day approaches, I’m sure that the packing process is beginning. Although it may be daunting moving away from home for the first time, you have chosen the best place to start your university career! Moving into halls, from Sally’s to DRA, opens up a whole new world to explore. […]

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Guide to Societies

10 July 2020

School is over, summer is in full swing, and anticipation to begin your new life at St Andrews is likely also beginning to set in. So too, however, is the nervousness surrounding making friends once you are here. Luckily, there are many opportunities to meet new people in this town and an excellent way to […]

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Welcome to St Andrews!

29 May 2020

Congratulations! You’ve been admitted to the best university in Scotland, 2nd best in the UK (according to The Guardian – eat our dust, Oxford) and easily one of the most prestigious in the world. You’ve done the hard work to get your grades, you’re ready and raring to go (and probably bored in quarantine somewhere) […]

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Advice for Starting Second Semester

22 January 2019

Vacation is drawing to a close and so I find myself once again thinking about top tips for heading back to the bubble. For me, second semester is weirdly more nerve wracking than the first. In my first year I felt the pressure to get it right this time after 15 weeks of crazy highs, […]

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