These are troubling times! I’m sure coronavirus content is probably far too ubiquitous for everyone’s liking – mine included. Therefore, in this article I have some recommendations for taking time to yourself, relaxing, and providing some self-care. I will be taking on the figure of your guardian angel and providing you with some remedies to make the next few weeks a little easier. All methods have been tried and tested by me and have been proven effective, as I wholeheartedly trust myself and my responses.

Embrace autumn:

This means whatever it means for you. For me, it meant baking an apple crumble with my friend – twice in one week(!) because the recipe was so good, carving pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds, staring at the decreasing number of leaves on the trees and the growing number of leaves on the ground, and changing up my tunes to match the season. There are many fall playlists in previous articles on The Record if you need inspiration. 

Phone a friend:

This is an important one. I tend to get sad and secluded, so reaching out to people and being social really boosts my mood. Meeting up with someone for dinner, a game of jenga, or to play tennis have been really helpful to me lately. 


The great outdoors. Is there anything better? I am afraid of the gym, so I have been dragging myself out to go on runs and walks. Let me tell you, the feeling of accomplishment after working out is ten times greater than that feeling of dread you feel beforehand. Get yourself up and out. I have been feeling accomplished just to get 10,000 steps in lately, so maybe go for that if you oppose other activity. 

Eat and sleep, child:

This is the only one I haven’t really tested too much. I have not been sleeping very well for some reason, but when I do, my skin clears up, I feel more awake, and I have more energy and control over myself. So I suggest sleeping your normal number of hours. As far as eating, eat right and smart! I ate half a package of oreos last night and I do not feel good today. Today I ate a yummy dinner and two oreos instead of eight – what a difference that makes! 

Time for you <3

Here is what I do to make time for myself: I read a book that is not part of any of my modules. Right now I am reading The Handmaid’s Tale. I put on a facemask and watch a movie or new tv show, which is currently BBC’s miniseries Pride and Prejudice. I FaceTime my mom. If you want to FaceTime my mom, I would be happy to give out her contact information; she is just lovely. Or I cook something because 1. it is not coursework. 2. the oven and stove make the room warm. and 3. you get a nice, warm, comforting meal afterwards. 

Hopefully you can use some of my remedies to momentarily forget about the darkening days, covid cases, and looming deadlines. Maybe use them now because I just brought up all the bad things again. If you have any recommendations for me, please let me know and I will test them out with my trusty process and get back to you.