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American History

For The Record: Election Special

8 November 2020

We interrupt your regularly scheduled article to bring you this important message: Joe Biden has won the US Presidential Election. Instead of our usual recap of local, national and international news, this week For The Record will recap the final week of an election that at times seemed like it would never actually end – […]

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Trippy Dick

4 October 2017

Cady Crowley Rock and roll is a particular taste for a particular crowd—but the history and shenanigans pulled off by the 60s-70s counterculture can be universally enjoyed. Except, I suppose, by one US president in particular. Richard Nixon, famous for his “war on drugs” and hawkish warhead, was not exactly favoured by much of this […]

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“I Don’t Like Mondays”

21 August 2017

Taylor Davant In trying to figure out how messed up the world was the last time America witnessed a total eclipse of the sun, I fell into a Wikipedia hole and somehow rediscovered the story that inspired one of my favourite songs. So settle in while I put on way too much eyeliner and the […]

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Summer of Love 50th Anniversary at the San Francisco de Young Museum

18 June 2017

Claire Fenerty As locals well versed in the vibrant history of our city, my friends and I could not wait to experience the Summer of Love exhibition at the San Francisco de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. If you just asked yourself, “what’s the Summer of Love?” I’ve got you covered. The Summer of […]

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