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“I Don’t Like Mondays”

Written by on 21 August 2017

Taylor Davant In trying to figure out how messed up the world was the last time America witnessed a total eclipse of the sun, I fell into a Wikipedia hole and somehow rediscovered the story that inspired one of my favourite songs. So settle in while I put on way too much eyeliner and the […]

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An Insight into Podcasts

Written by on 3 August 2017

Flora Rowe I am, to say the least, a huge advocate for radio. Earlier this year I wrote about how Radio is still an essential form of media however, I did not consider the surging popularity of podcasts. It could be argued that they are two of a kind; however podcasts appear to have a […]

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Red Hot Chili Peppers: Still on Fire

Written by on 22 July 2017

Kyle Van Oosterum  Band-members: Lead singer/songwriter: Anthony Kiedis. Bass: Flea. Drums/Percussion: Chad Smith. Lead guitar/backing vocals: Josh Klinghoffer. This summer I had the incomparable pleasure of seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform in Chicago with one of my best friends. What can I say? More than zombified teens and monolithic record companies, time really […]

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Graduation and Summer Ball 2017 Review

Written by on 28 June 2017

Euan Elder Last Saturday marked a night full of celebration, beer and cheer. This year, the annual Graduation and Summer Ball took place on June the 24th, providing many graduates with the last chance to ‘let their hair down’ and party in St. Andrews. The programme for the night outlined many musical acts which included […]

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Summer of Love 50th Anniversary at the San Francisco de Young Museum

Written by on 18 June 2017

Claire Fenerty As locals well versed in the vibrant history of our city, my friends and I could not wait to experience the Summer of Love exhibition at the San Francisco de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. If you just asked yourself, “what’s the Summer of Love?” I’ve got you covered. The Summer of […]

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You Matter

Written by on 12 June 2017

Euan Elder Andy Coulson, David Cameron’s former director of communications, argued that the “youth vote has come out in strength and lashed out pretty aggressively” in relation to the recent 2017 British election. There was a significant rise in the amount of young voters: 66.4% of 18 to 24 year olds let their voice be […]

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Music Unites Us

Written by on 24 May 2017

Euan Elder When I first heard about the Manchester terror attack, I was in the middle of a conversation with my friends, discussing the songs that our younger selves had overplayed to a sickening extent. Music can play a crucial role in uniting people: it has the power to bring those who share interests in […]

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May Ball: The Fashion

Written by on 10 May 2017

Zsanett Ritli Having my third May Ball experience lined up on the last day of April. The ball organized annually by the Kate Kennedy Club is one of the most anticipated events of the St Andrews student social calendar. By marking the end of the semester, the event was a nostalgia fuelled rite of passage […]

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Tradition Plunges St Andrews into the Sea

Written by on 3 May 2017

Claire Fenerty Here’s what I imagined: I’m wearing three layers of mismatched pyjamas, I have extra bags under my puffy eyes, and I’m unhappy about meandering through St Andrews in the dark. My friends and I are alone on the beach where several sparse groups of students are doing the same thing we are, in […]

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Making the Bop Great Again

Written by on 12 April 2017

Euan Elder  After a long, hard week of lectures and tutorials, sometimes the perfect way to unwind from a stressful week is to enjoy a good ol’ Bop. However, this is no easy task: a good Bop experience always starts before you even enter the union, and endures until the last 50p toastie is served. […]

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