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There Is Always Light: How Poetry Holds The Torch

16 April 2021

America’s first national youth poet laureate. The youngest poet given the honour of delivering the presidential inaugural poem. Amanda Gorman. Not only was she able to craft and perform an exceptional poem, but she also did what English teachers have spent years trying to achieve. She made people who don’t like poetry, actually like poetry. […]

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Let’s Talk About Feminism

17 August 2020

When a woman says they are a feminist, they have to preface it with “I don’t think women are better than men and I don’t hate men”. In this day and age, feminism is unjustly connoted as a radical movement. The initial wave of feminism in the early ninetieth century emerged to fight the oppression […]

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Steel Steed: Fife by Bicycle

4 August 2020

In recent months, the bicycle has stepped into the limelight as the poster-child for post-coronavirus transport. It’s a safe, inexpensive and socially distanced way to run errands, get some exercise, or explore the world around you. Plus, it has low environmental impact. It’s also fun – there’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment of […]

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Summer of Love 50th Anniversary at the San Francisco de Young Museum

18 June 2017

Claire Fenerty As locals well versed in the vibrant history of our city, my friends and I could not wait to experience the Summer of Love exhibition at the San Francisco de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. If you just asked yourself, “what’s the Summer of Love?” I’ve got you covered. The Summer of […]

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