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How Your White Tee Upholds White Supremacy

8 September 2020

If fashion is a representative of who we are, what does wearing the product of exploitation say about us? The BlackLivesMatter movement that followed the murder of George Floyd was hailed as the biggest in history. Useful infographics and petitions, and less useful black squares, flooded social media feeds. Despite the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of people took […]

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Style in St Andrews

4 September 2020

Fashion and beauty are undoubtedly an essential aspect of St. Andrews culture; I was hesitant at first considering my fashion sense is entirely cultivated from Pinterest boards and my flatmate’s closets. However, as a fresher, I still felt intimidated by the intense fashion presence amongst the school. I believe being a girl, fashion is imposed […]

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RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars 5 Review – Turning It From 100 To A Sensible 74

26 July 2020

Another season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars has wrapped up with a crowning that feels deserved, if a little expected. After three All Stars seasons in as many years, the signs of Drag Race burnout are starting to become increasingly noticeable. I’m going to dive into this past season with an in-depth review and see […]

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Review of Label’s Launch Party

10 November 2017

Calum Esler Here in St. Andrews it is clear that we care a lot about the way we look. You only have to walk down Market Street to see how fashion conscious students are here, which means it is no surprise that so many fashion shows take place throughout the year. Yet, whilst it’s great […]

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STAR at Starfields 2017

19 September 2017

Euan Elder I think that the majority of St. Andrews students can agree that nights out tend to be spent looking classy at balls, or enjoying a ‘pablo’ at the union. However, St. Andrews Charity Fashion Show’s annual Starfields event breaks free from this repetition, and provides an experience like no other. The event took […]

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Summer of Love 50th Anniversary at the San Francisco de Young Museum

18 June 2017

Claire Fenerty As locals well versed in the vibrant history of our city, my friends and I could not wait to experience the Summer of Love exhibition at the San Francisco de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park. If you just asked yourself, “what’s the Summer of Love?” I’ve got you covered. The Summer of […]

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