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Which STAR Committee Member Are You?

12 December 2020

Haven’t you always wanted to know which member of the illustrious STAR Committee you would be in another life? No? Well, you clicked on the article, so you must be a little bit curious at least. Follow the links below to discover your STAR alter-ego! (Note: You may need to scroll up slightly after you […]

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Bioshock 2 – Do Drugs, Kids

25 November 2020

Morgan continues using The Record as an outlet for his impotent rage, as the March lockdown didn’t satisfactorily isolate him from society.   Much like the weird smelly kid your mum forces you to be friends with, I tend to avoid Bioshock 2, and judging by the way the game constantly crashed every five minutes, […]

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Quiz: How Much News Do You Remember?

16 September 2020

How Much News Do You Remember? With news changing so quickly these days, The Record has put together a quiz based on just last week (7th-13th September) to test how much you really remember about what’s going on locally, nationally and internationally. What did Kim Kardashian West announce this week? Keeping Up With The Kardashians will [...]
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Choose Your Own Adventure: St Andrews Edition

14 August 2020

It’s a known fact that St Andrews, despite having an arguably lacklustre nightlife, has an excellent selection of pubs to visit. It’s also a known fact these pubs can be pretty pricey. In this Choose Your Own Adventure, your task is to go out for a mid-week pub trip on a budget. You’ve got to […]

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