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Why we all need CASH!

25 November 2019

Dan Marshall, a 5th year student studying Astrophysics, set up the Campaign for Affordable Student Housing (CASH), officially launching on the 16th of November with a massive team of students behind him. Dan set up the campaign because he was tired of seeing students having to work long hours and move out of St Andrews just to […]

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RENT IS A FUCK, or, Why My Former Letting Agency is Garbage

4 November 2019

‘30,000,000 landlords and rich peasants will have to be destroyed’, stated a Chinese Communist Party bulletin just before Mao Zedong’s rise to power, heralding the beginning of what later would be called a ‘classicide’; and while most right-thinking people today would disapprove strongly of the method, one cannot help but sympathise with the motive.  My […]

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The state of housing in St Andrews is everyone’s fault.

10 February 2019

There’s not a lot I can say about housing in St Andrews that you, dear reader, won’t know already. You’ll know about extortionate hall prices which keep St Andrews exclusive and elitist. You’ll know about students skipping meals to make rent. You’ll know about bad landlords, and unscrupulous letting agencies, about properties with leaking roofs, […]

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HMO Horror Stories

11 May 2018

  Fife Councillors recently voted- despite objective, third party evidence that the policy was not working– to maintain the HMO ban in St Andrews, and in doing so squandered an opportunity to make living in St Andrews much easier and more affordable. To quote Association President Lewis Wood: “(The HMO ban) is part of a vicious […]

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