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Live music

Britain’s Best Barely Known Bands

23 March 2021

This week I have really missed live music. Not sell-out stadium tours or warehouses with pulsing techno beats but cramming into a tiny venue and feeling like you’re discovering something.  I miss paying a fiver to support the dreams of Britain’s musicians. I miss the pleasant surprise I feel when said local band turns out […]

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Rating Every Version of Mitski’s ‘Class of 2013’

9 January 2021

Music acts as both an emotional outlet for artists, and an emotional conductor for listeners. Though a lot of artists come close, Mitski is one of the only artists who can, without fail, make me feel something. I have a deep emotional connection with almost every single one of her songs, but there’s one that […]

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Coronavirus and the Music Industry

6 July 2020

The summer concert schedule doesn’t look quite like everyone expected. The warm weather usually means touring artists and major festivals with packed crowds of strangers. However, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, event organisers have been forced to cancel or postpone virtually every large social gathering centred around music. In an industry linked to live experiences and full audiences, concert […]

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Jamnesty: Presented by Amnesty International

8 April 2015

Jamnesty, presented by Amnesty International, delivered a relaxed and enjoyable evening of live music last Saturday night as one of the first events on the On The Rocks line-up. Last year’s hit premiere of Jamnesty was held in the ‘Building Site Bar’ and was a genuinely great live music event that matched the lively and […]

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