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Rom-Com Recommendations

29 April 2021

I’ve always loved rom-coms and I’m too embarrassed to admit just how many of them I’ve seen. They’re funny, light-hearted and they don’t take themselves too seriously much like myself. And to be honest if I were to be trapped in a rom-com like Isn’t it Romantic you wouldn’t find me complaining! Far from it. All that singing and those silly romantic conundrums sound like a blast! So, I’ve narrowed down the list of rom-coms to my top four so […]

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2020 Goes to the Oscars

27 January 2021

A lot has changed for cinema this year considering most film releases have been through streaming sites or pushed back. The only notable big release this year was Christopher Nolan’s Tenet which featured a lot of stopping of time. In a year like 2020, we had come pretty familiar with the stopping of time; we […]

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This Not That: Whitewashing

9 July 2020

Some of you may remember the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite that floated around on social media in 2015 and 2016 in response to all twenty of the acting related Oscars nominations going to white people. The hashtag was coined by activist April Reign and was used to call out the blatant lack of diversity within Hollywood and […]

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10 Summer Films To Get You Through The Heat

4 July 2020

Even though lockdown is gradually lifting, many of us are still stuck at home. Now summer plans and holidays have all been cancelled, I have compiled a list of 10 summer movies to pass the time. Some offer escapism, some are a bit too close to reality, but why are so many set in the […]

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Love Letter to: The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

16 October 2018

Just over ten years ago, Iron Man, (directed by John Favreau) arrived in cinemas. Despite the film being a hit with both audiences and critics, and possessing more deftness, wit and charm than most Superhero films that had come before it, one could have been forgiven for not registering it. And, indeed, for not ascribing much […]

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