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A Recipe for Scones for Boring People Like Me

5 May 2021

I didn’t know about the great scone debate until recently (sorry for living under a rock). How someone says scone is apparently how to know if you’re secretly from hell or not. This, and my actual love for scones has inspired me to make two scone recipes; one now, one later when I can get […]

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A Cake Recipe I Stole from my Friend’s Mother 

26 April 2021

Helen had a face that launched a thousand ships. She assembled the armies of various ancient greek kingdoms. She definitely led to the death of at least all of our problematic faves in the canon of Greek plays (Agamemnon. I just mean Agamemnon.)  Helene, a childhood friend’s mother, had the cake that could launch a […]

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Recipe: Philly Irish Potatoes

31 March 2021

A recipe for people who want to eat frosting straight from the container. Has it been a month already? Last month I promised a St Patrick’s day treat, but I’m a bit late in that. No fears though! You could still, without much embarrassment, make and consume these “Philly Irish Potatoes.” After all, I’m making […]

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