A recipe for people who want to eat frosting straight from the container.

Has it been a month already? Last month I promised a St Patrick’s day treat, but I’m a bit late in that. No fears though! You could still, without much embarrassment, make and consume these “Philly Irish Potatoes.” After all, I’m making and eating them in late March!

Now, why did I call this a recipe for people who want to eat frosting from the container?

Simply because these “potatoes” are sweet. And not actually potatoes. But they sure are cute! And if you like frosting, cinnamon and coconut, you’ll absolutely love these, and they are super easy to make. Shoutout to Debbie for sharing this with me! She can now watch in horror as I ruin it, but out of a place of love.

This recipe takes about 20-30 minutes, but that’s because I didn’t want to use an eggbeater.


  • 60 g of softened butter (room temperature)
  • 115 g of cream cheese, also room temperature
  • 5ml of vanilla extract
  • 500 g icing sugar/confectioner’s sugar/powdered sugar
  • 190 g shredded coconut (the original recipe said flaked but I think shredded would be better.)
  • ~8 g of cinnamon, for rolling in.


In a medium bowl, beat butter and cream cheese together until smooth. I used a fork, and that worked fine, but if you own an eggbeater and you don’t want a bit of a workout, you can use an electric mixer. Then, add your vanilla and powdered sugar, once again beating until smooth. It should have the consistency of frosting. (If you just want to eat frosting, you can stop here. Maybe add in some of that cinnamon and coconut and eat it. I won’t judge. It’s yummy. Anyways.) Add your coconut. My fork worked wonders here. I would caution against the electric mixer, but maybe that’s because I’m afraid of technology.

Now for the messy part: Roll these little into small potato shapes (mine are a few centimeters by centimeters, maybe the size of a human eyeball?) in the cinnamon. Place them on parchment or foil on a cookie sheet (for cleanliness!) to chill and set. You can roll them in cinnamon again later, if you feel inclined. I personally stopped here and ate four in a row.

You can divide the total calorie count of this dish (3564 calories, full amount, ho boy) into however many little potatoes you make! That’s about 2.5 pots of hot chocolate, so I’d recommend… not eating it straight from the bowl. Of course, that never stops me.

Have any comments? Need to amend my recipe with your special touch? Let me know! Next month is my birthday, so perhaps I’ll make something festive for that. Alternatively, it’s also easter, but I think Cadbury has you covered on that front.

(Like most things, they taste better than they look.) [editor, lmk if you need a better picture!]