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Should Football Be Continuing?

10 January 2021

This conversation between George Watts and Joel Butcher featured on Two’s Kompany, the Sunday 4pm STAR show, and was adapted by Joel. Tune in to hear more like it! Back to Microsoft Teams calls. In the last 12 months, life has made tortoises of all of us. Permanently attached to our homes, being stowed away […]

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Diego Maradona – In Memoriam

29 November 2020

I’ve always believed it difficult for a young Singaporean to reconcile the excesses and geniuses of Diego Maradona. Now I know that we’ve got four ASEAN Football Federation Suzuki Cups, but we have never made it quite so far continentally (much less globally) as to suffer the honour of a Hand of God. Going just […]

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Premier League Team Preview (Part II)

14 September 2020

With the start of the 2020/21 English Premier League season just getting started, you may be wondering what to expect in the upcoming season. Read on for a brief overview and analysis of each team, alphabetically from Liverpool to Wolves. For Part 1 featuring Arsenal to Leicester, click here. Liverpool Last season: 1st in PL […]

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Top 10 Fitness Videos For The Physically Unfit

13 August 2020

Like many people, I took lockdown as an opportunity to try and get abs. While I never fulfilled my ab destiny, I did watch hours of fitness videos in an attempt to inspire me into working out, with varying degrees of success. The videos that I have therefore chosen are incredibly biased, but I found […]

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Sports in St Andrews

23 July 2020

Congratulations – you’ve been accepted into St Andrews and will be joining the bubble in September! You’ve learned about the nightlife, applied for your accommodation, and perhaps even had a think about the societies you would like to join. There is something you’re still wondering about, however. Sports! Whether you’re an experienced and skilled competitor, someone […]

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Social Distancing: Footballers Over Family?

1 June 2020

Thursday’s announcement that English Premier League football clubs may resume contact training, with players allowed to breach the two-metre social distancing rule in order to return to more realistic playing scenarios, has further fuelled debate over where the priorities of the government and sports governing bodies truly lie. Whilst lockdown measures around the UK are […]

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