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Which Language Should You Learn?

17 February 2021

Learning a new language is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. A new tongue can transport you to other worlds, boost your CV, improve your communication skills, teach you about another culture and give you another perspective. Languages can help us to connect in a global and multicultural world. Ever since I could remember, I […]

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The Closure of the Barron: A Lament

28 January 2021

The Barron Theatre, nestled just off North Street, is St Andrews’s black-box venue and one of only three entirely student-run theatres in the UK. As well as being home to the Mermaids (The University of St Andrews Performing Arts Fund), whose team of volunteers manage and care for the theatre, it facilitates countless other societies […]

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William & Kate: The Movie

28 December 2020

I love a good romantic comedy. Something that has a sweet ending where despite the comedic obstacles, the main protagonists make it to the end and find each other. Although sometimes cringey and cliché, I like the message of hope, of not giving up, and definitely marrying a prince. Romantic comedies can be funny and […]

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Quiz: Which Colour Pablo Are You?

8 December 2020

Which Pablo Are You? Ever wondered which colour/flavour Pablo you would be? Well, now you can find out. Don't worry if you don't get pink, not everyone is perfect! What Are You Drinking At Pre's? Beer Cider White Wine Red Wine Vodka & Mixer Cocktails What Song Do You Request? Mr Brightside - The Killers [...]
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For The Record: Nationalists, No Deal & New Zealand

18 October 2020

It can be hard to keep up with the news. That’s why we do the hard work for you, making sure everything is written up each Sunday ‘For The Record’. Local It was quite a quiet week in local news; there were few Scottish stories, and few headlines from St Andrews itself. No single headline […]

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For The Record: Controversy, Conference & Campaigning

4 October 2020

It can be hard to keep up with the news. Thats why we do the hard work for you, making sure everything is written up each Sunday ‘For The Record’.  Local The main stories in local news this week continued to focus on the growing outbreak of coronavirus cases at the university. Total cases rose […]

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Freshers in a Pandemic

29 September 2020

Freshers is one of the most hotly anticipated events of first year, the big thing to look forward to after the end of compulsory education. Obviously this year it looked quite different, and my experience as a fresher has been coloured with the shade of a pandemic hanging over our heads. Although the news gives a grim cast to […]

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The Diary of a Voluntary Lockdownee

26 September 2020

I’m sure I speak for many student journalists when I say that last week’s news of a voluntary lockdown absolutely thrilled me. Finally, a chance to write about something relevant to every student in St Andrews! I might even break double digits in readership this time! Human misery on a vast scale is like catnip to journalists. I […]

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St Andrews Students Urged To Avoid Pubs, Bars & Restaurants

24 September 2020

In her latest email to students at the University, Principal Sally Mapstone asked students to voluntarily avoid pubs, bars and restaurants – for this weekend only, ‘dependent on case numbers stabilising’. This action is being taken by all Scottish universities. This followed news that a further 5 cases of coronavirus had been reported in the […]

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Review: Rhapsody of Ogygia by ORPH€A

23 September 2020

In our university, we have many successful up-and-coming musicians, and this rich talent is often displayed by STAR, especially by events such as the Bell Pettigrew Sessions. In this article, I’ll be exploring the most recent EP by Kristie, also known as ORPH€A, Rhapsody of Ogygia, with songs inspired by Homer’s Odyssey – so, as […]

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