I love a good romantic comedy. Something that has a sweet ending where despite the comedic obstacles, the main protagonists make it to the end and find each other. Although sometimes cringey and cliché, I like the message of hope, of not giving up, and definitely marrying a prince. Romantic comedies can be funny and uplifting and sometimes that is what we all need. William and Kate: The Movie is no exception.

I first watched this movie before going to university and loved it. As I was going to St Andrews, I was already excited about university and did hope I would marry a prince. I have not met one yet, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. The movie looks at William and Kate’s time together at university until William’s proposal. The opening shots of the countryside around St Andrews and the cathedral are beautiful and remind me how lucky we are to be studying in such a beautiful part of the world. The movie starts with Charles and William who is about to go to university. The movie gets going once William moves into Sallies and meets Kate. It was funny seeing them at lectures for sure.

A turning point in the movie was when William saw Kate at the fashion show and began to see her in a more romantic light. (The fashion shows in St Andrews are very popular and can be a fun night out.) Once they moved in to a flat together in their second year, their romance started to blossom, and it was comical seeing them both sneak to each other’s rooms. One of my favourite scenes was when Kate brought William home for the Christmas holidays. It was amusing seeing how comically on edge her family were given his royal status. Another of my preferred scenes was when Kate and some of their other university friends visited William at Buckingham palace and went clay pigeon shooting. It was interesting seeing how formal his life must be. Another cute moment was when they all went skiing and they shared a really sweet cinematic kiss on the top of the ski slope. Once they made their relationship public, it was horrifying seeing the harassment of the press and the way they badgered Kate, as well as some of the mean things they said about her. However, it was cute seeing them move into a cottage together at the end of their 3rd year.

I liked how the film also looked at their lives after St Andrews and how we saw what they both went on to do next. I also enjoyed when she started to learn how to behave like a royal. It was sweet seeing her engage with William’s royal life so much. Seeing their break up was sad, but interesting seeing how their lives forked. It was sad seeing Kate so distraught over William ending things with her, but it was good when she got back on her feet again. The messiness of their relationship showed through William’s confused feelings over her and his phone call.

The climax of the movie – although somewhat cliché – was still pretty cute and comical when William came to Kate’s rowing practice and nearly jumped into the water to swim to her. I loved when they went to Africa and there were some beautiful shots. However, my absolute favourite bit in the movie was when he proposed to her outside their tent. It was really romantic and adorable. Such a cute ending.

Although being a bit cliché and cheesy, this romantic comedy is worth a watch as it was very cute and uplifting. There were some comical scenes and I liked how the movie showed William and Kate at university together as well as giving the audience a brief insight into their home lives and focusing on their chosen paths after their degree. As a St Andrews student, I especially enjoyed watching it. If you want a cheerful, chill break from work then this is just the thing for you.