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Showcasing 18th Century Theatre with 21st century technology

27 April 2021

From Teams rehearsals to streamed performances, find out how St Andrews students are using technology to bring classic Italian theatre to life. Whether your platform of choice is Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, video calls have undoubtedly become a huge part of your life over the course of the past year. Everyone has […]

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4 Book-to-Television Pairs to Delve Into this Month

2 February 2021

Here’s a question: should you read the book before you watch the new HBO adaptation the internet has been raving about? Book and television fans everywhere have been engaging in this debate since the dawn of time. Purists will tell you it’s a sin not to read the book first, while television fans will ask […]

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The Closure of the Barron: A Lament

28 January 2021

The Barron Theatre, nestled just off North Street, is St Andrews’s black-box venue and one of only three entirely student-run theatres in the UK. As well as being home to the Mermaids (The University of St Andrews Performing Arts Fund), whose team of volunteers manage and care for the theatre, it facilitates countless other societies […]

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Top Ten Musicals You Should Watch

18 August 2020

Since about the age of fourteen, I’ve been into musicals. I’ve been a singer since I was eight, and the logical next step seemed to be auditioning for a school musical at fourteen – The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee – which I both got a main role in (Olive Ostrovsky) and broke my […]

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Theatres and Coronavirus: The Final Curtain Call for the UK’s Arts Industry

27 July 2020

Earlier this month the government announced a £1.57bn support package aiming to “protect Britain’s world-class cultural, arts and heritage institutions” after weeks of lobbying from industry leaders. The support package from the government includes: A £1.15bn support pot for cultural organisations in England delivered through a mix of grants and loans. This will be made up […]

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Quick-fire Questions: The Great Gatsby

2 March 2018

Kiana Bowden One of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous works is coming to life in St Andrews next week. This performance of Simon Levy’s adaptation is being directed by Madison Hauser, known for her work on other productions such as ‘The Bacchae’, ‘And Then There Were None’ and ‘Anything Goes’ to name but a few. […]

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12 April 2015

The performance of Oleanna, a play by the brilliant David Mamet, went up on April 10th in the Byre Studio. Having read the play, I was excited to see how the director Matthew Knapp would portray the characters; as the play leaves much to your own interpretation, which creates a completely different reaction depending on […]

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11 April 2015

The event page on Facebook for the recent On The Rocks production of Salomé, Oscar Wilde’s retelling of the Biblical Feast of Herod, ambitiously advertised it as “more than a play, a religious experience.” Though few shows could meet that kind of bar, what I saw was certainly a play, and if it was anything […]

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9 April 2015

I have never reviewed something before. Nor did I know if somebody was already going to review Two that night for STAR. However, I went to see Two and felt compelled to write a review for this play. As a precursor, it should be noted that I have a huge amount of bias in regards to this […]

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