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Go Outside: Explore Scotland Now That We Can

19 April 2021

This week, Scotland eased its restrictions and started edging its way out of lockdown. I err on the side of caution, and my behaviour hasn’t changed much since Friday. However, despite not really craving getting a haircut or sitting in a crowded beer garden there is one freedom we gained this week that I’m absolutely […]

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A Trip to Wales?

13 March 2021

It is becoming an ever growing realisation that I and (I assume) a great many others are not particularly well travelled within the UK. This is no doubt thanks to the ease of travel to the European mainland through the medium of easyJet or Ryanair, where we can immerse ourselves in great culture, whether it […]

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Off The Beaten Track: Glasgow

11 March 2021

Whilst Edinburgh may seem like the most attractive option for a quick fix of bagpipes and novelty tartan shops, Glasgow is a much better vision of what 21st century Scottish life. Where Edinburgh is full of castles, gothic churches and monuments, Glasgow is a much better city for enjoying Scottish culture. Primarily, this is because […]

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Four Places to Visit in Scotland This Summer

10 March 2021

With it looking hopeful that we may be able to enjoy some stay-cations this summer I have compiled a short list of places which I personally believe are well-worth a visit. Rosemarkie A personal favourite, I have been visiting Rosemarkie annually for the past 10 years. A beautiful little town on the Black Isle, it […]

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Off The Beaten Track: Torridon

8 February 2021

Thus far in this travel series we have explored a fairly small segment of Scotland’s great outdoors. Whilst the Cairngorms (both north and south of the plateau) are considered to be some of Scotland’s wildest terrain – its geographical identity is shared with the Appalachian Mountains and the Alps – it is significantly less remote […]

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Exploring Edinburgh

29 October 2020

Birthplace of the fried Mars Bar, home to the winding alleyways that inspired Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, and an underground labyrinthine city, Edinburgh boasts an old-worldy feel yet has all the contemporary delights of a cosmopolitan capital. Old Reekie – as Edinburgh was affectionately nicknamed during the Victorian era – is steeped in fascinating history […]

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Airbnb or Fair B&B?

24 October 2020

Small disclaimer: please only travel if and when it is safe to do so. I’m sorry you missed your standard two weeks in the sun, but a holiday is not a right, whereas the safety of the general population is. For those of you heading out on a staycation soon or who are optimistically planning […]

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Off The Beaten Track: Braemar

14 October 2020

After my forced confinement and government mandated exercise during the months of March, April and May, I found that I was left with a longing. A longing to escape from Edinburgh to nature, and immerse myself in the beauty that my small country has to offer. Already in my short time here, when talking about […]

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