Thus far in this travel series we have explored a fairly small segment of Scotland’s great outdoors. Whilst the Cairngorms (both north and south of the plateau) are considered to be some of Scotland’s wildest terrain – its geographical identity is shared with the Appalachian Mountains and the Alps – it is significantly less remote than the wild (north) west.

Torridon to many people is a place they pass through on the North Coast 500 – the NC500 is a 500-mile road trip that takes in Scotland’s most rugged terrain around its north coast. Not so much of a destination, in my opinion it is criminally underrated compared to other beauty spots that spring to the front of the mind when thinking of the NC500.

Being a small village in a glen in the North-West of Scotland, accommodation can be hard to come by in Torridon, however, the nearby towns of Gairloch, Poolewe and Kinlochewe offer equally great locations for adventures.

Must do activity:

Torridon and the wider area truly have something to do for everyone. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy exploring the islands of Loch Maree. Mountain bikers enjoy the pilgrimage to the area to enjoy the descent into Annat from Loch an Eoin. Hillwalkers can enjoy this relatively easy walk-in reverse which unlocks some of Scotland’s most remote lands. Or they might enjoy the vast array of other ascents which range in difficulty from walks up Scotland’s most remote Munros to relatively gentle woodland walks.

Most Instagram worthy spot:

Anywhere! The sheer walls of rock mean that the background of every photo imaginable is dramatic and full of some of Scotland’s gnarliest landscapes.

Fun Fact:

Torridon is part of a region of Scotland known as Wester Ross which is where Game of Thrones took its inspiration from in naming Westeros. In a similar vein, much of the hit-film What We Did on our Holiday is filmed nearby on Red Point Beach!

Best For:

Outdoor lovers! The lack of any buildings that could constitute a visitor’s attraction mean that it really is all or nothing. Fortunately though, for the right audience, there is everything a lover of the outdoors could ask for. Although, the midges can be a bit of a pain!