I have watched about five YouTube videos detailing how to make hot chocolate. I have read dozens of hot chocolate recipes. I only order hot chocolate at Starbucks at this point, and that alone should qualify me for some time in the asylum. What I’m saying is I’m passionate.

Every hot chocolate recipe roughly consists of the same key ingredients: milk, chocolate, heat. They’re ridiculously easy. So drop that powdered stuff and join me in my suffering knowing that every other cup of chocolate will make you sneer in its inferiority. Let me show you the light: let me show you homemade hot chocolate.

The recipe takes about seven minutes, max.


– 150ml of (double) cream

– 600ml of 2% (green-capped) or whole milk (blue-capped)

– 100 grams of dark baking chocolate, broken into about 1cm by 1cm squares. Alternatively, about 100 grams of chocolate chips. No need to break that.

– a small, tea-stirring spoonful of brown sugar.

Optional: whipped cream, chocolate shavings, marshmallows, peppermint, etc.

I have seen people add in cocoa powder or, in one rare instance, cornstarch. You don’t need to do that. In fact, don’t do that. Put that cornstarch away, it really doesn’t belong here. Don’t make my mistakes. (Or do. Add in some cornstarch and substitute dairy product and make a pudding. I won’t stop you.)


Pour your double cream and milk into a pot. Start to warm it on medium heat. Plop your chocolate in. Stir; I use a whisk, you can use that or a wooden spoon. When the chocolate has melted a bit, and it looks like hot chocolate, add in your sugar. Continue stirring, but don’t let it boil, or else you can’t drink immediately. Pour it into mugs. Add your optional toppings.

For me, this makes about three mugs. If you’re fairer than I am, it might make four. If you’re really chilly: two. Heads up! There are about 1400 calories in this pot, so it’s a recipe to share.

Have any comments? Need to amend my recipe with your special touch? Let me know! Next month, join me for a St Patrick’s day treat or send me yours, and I’ll check it out.