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Showcasing 18th Century Theatre with 21st century technology

27 April 2021

From Teams rehearsals to streamed performances, find out how St Andrews students are using technology to bring classic Italian theatre to life. Whether your platform of choice is Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, video calls have undoubtedly become a huge part of your life over the course of the past year. Everyone has […]

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Events & Nightlife in St Andrews

13 June 2020

So you’ve got into St Andrews, you know the basic facts and figures, now you want to know the important stuff – what kind of shenanigans can you get into? What are the best events? What’s the nightlife like? Well, Tom – the incoming Director of Events and Services (DoES) – and I are here […]

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Review: DONT WALK 2020

5 March 2020

World ending? Party like it!             This past Saturday, revelers by the busload were transported to a fantastic event that has for years been the highlight of the Spring social season. The event, of course, was this year’s iteration of DONT WALK, the student-run and modeled fashion show whose annual fund-raising events have attracted heavy hitters […]

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Review: FS Playhaus

21 February 2020

To say this year’s annual Fashion Show was a success would be an understatement. From start to finish the marquee on Lower College lawn was buzzing with an air of excitement. The event really did provide students with the perfect final opportunity to let loose with their nearest and dearest before the dark cloud of […]

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Preview: FS Afterparty (ft. Weiss)

11 February 2020

FS2020 – Music Preview The Record sat down with FS head of music James Wearmouth to chat about the up and coming FS2020 and what musical delights we can expect this Saturday. Apart from fashion, a core element of the FS experience is the music. Attendees have year after year looked forward to FS as […]

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Review: Sofar Sounds 2.2.20

7 February 2020

Alongside the lengths of ruined cathedral wall and beside the susurration of the sea, I trod a seemingly perilous path amidst a most sable night. As the faintest drops of rain began to fall, I was beckoned by the light of the inauspicious location for the forthcoming Sofar Sounds performance – unknown to me until […]

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Review: On The Pebbles

19 November 2019

This autumn’s On The Rocks preview event, On The Pebbles, dotted the town this past Saturday with pop-up events led by various art communities across town. The events, which offered both hands on and hands off creativity, brought the town well into the winter’s coming festive season with lights, food, drinks, and plenty of live music. […]

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Preview: On the Pebbles

14 November 2019

On The Rocks is back in St Andrews with their autumn preview of April’s annual festival. On The Pebbles, their November event this Saturday (November 16th), will consist of seven events held in various locations around town, and in conjunction with some of our most prominent and exciting student art societies. The best part? This year’s […]

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Review: Luxmuralis

3 November 2019

Spanning across the entirety of the town, Luxmuralis shone as one the most experimental and ambitious crowning jewels within the St Andrews Voices festival. Spread across five distinct locations, the installations promised an evening of lightworks, stunning live music and ambiance galore. Upon approach to the Holy Trinity Church (the main venue of the evening), […]

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Preview: Democracy, Voting, and Representation in the Past and Present

2 October 2019

On Monday the 7th of October the School of Classics is teaming up with the Students’ Association to discuss the importance of democratic engagement within our society, and the consequences for us all if it is not kept alive.  I reached out to Students Association President and guest speaker at the event, Jamie Rodney, to […]

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