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Reclaim the Night

Written by on 28 November 2018

Reclaim the Night has its historic roots in the 1970’s, where the first march occurred in Leeds to demand a woman’s right to walk the streets safely at night. 
The Reclaim the Night website states writes, “In every sphere of life we negotiate the threat or reality of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment. We […]

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Reviewed: Welly Ball

Written by on 14 November 2018

Despite the fact that week 8 had granted me a healthy dose of cynicism, I nonetheless strapped on my wellys and braced for my night at Kinkell Byre. Greeted by the familiar array of fairy lights and plastic flutes of prosecco, I graciously accepted and sipped my bubbly, all the while weaving my way through […]

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House of Horror- A Review

Written by on 9 November 2018

Willy Wonka famously starts the tour of his fantastical factory by announcing “We have so much time and so little to see!” One might think that after so many Halloweens at Kinkell Byre this statement may have carried over this year’s installment of the House of Horror Charity Gala. But Alas like Wonka himself, the […]

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A Welly Ball Preview

Written by on 1 November 2018

Georgie Stafford of the Welly Ball committee grants some insight on St Andrews’ favourite boozy and bucolic ball of the year, coming up on the 10th of November. How would you characterise this year’s Welly Ball? How does it differ from last year? Welly Ball is in its eleventh year now and in honour of […]

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Label Fashion Show: A Review

Written by on 19 April 2018

  In a town where the market for fashion shows is pretty much completely saturated, it seems inevitable that a hierarchy will form. FS and DW at the top, everyone else down below. Attending Label 2018, however, has made me rethink my perceptions of lower-budgeted, and apparently lesser fashion shows. While I was sceptical about […]

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May Ball: Music Review

Written by on 8 May 2017

Henry Smith and Bertie Lumsden  Between drunk driving bumper cars, eating champagne ice pops, and ordering drinks at any of the three extensive bars, attendees could sip to Cool Jazz, boogie on the main dance floor, or go to the VIP area. Upon entering, guests were greeted by a glass of champagne and a Jazz […]

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Review: Bacchanalia

Written by on 10 March 2017

Hugh M Casey Ζωή Σοφία Εὐτυχία Melodies and people dancing beneath brightly strung lights, smiling, warm. Φαντασία. Simplicity untouched within Younger Hall. The inaugural event of Bacchanalia was smooth and carefree. Between 9 pm and 2 am there was no silence. Quickly inside the door was quiet chat, laughter at the human statues guiding you […]

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Music Review: DONT WALK 2017

Written by on 1 March 2017

Marina Carnwath DONT WALK is simply an extremely professional enterprise. The night, in its entirety, seemed meticulously orchestrated and executed, with the arrival, show, and after party flowing into one another with minimal disruption. The abundance of such high profile fashion shows this term always strikes one as a little bizarre for a student town, […]

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