To say this year’s annual Fashion Show was a success would be an understatement. From start to finish the marquee on Lower College lawn was buzzing with an air of excitement. The event really did provide students with the perfect final opportunity to let loose with their nearest and dearest before the dark cloud of deadline season moved in. 

As the evening began the marquee was flooded with guests dressed in their most fashionable finery. It didn’t take long for the champagne to begin to flow, with separate bars provided for those in standard, VIP and Corporate. The show’s attempt at creating an environmentally friendly event was evident from the start with plenty of sustainable materials and products on display both on the runway and at the bar. Curiosity over this year’s ambiguous theme of Playhaüs was high and as the lights dimmed for the show to begin students scrambled to the catwalk to get a glimpse of this year’s models and designs.

The differently themed colour rooms during the runway show – including Sunshine Terrace, Green Room, Candy Lounge, and Heather Hall – provided onlookers with a feast for the eyes. Not only was the lighting and videography artfully coordinated to present each room’s unique form of escapism, but the clothing designs themselves popped with colour and creativity.

 Perhaps one of the most memorable moments of the show was that of the infamous lingerie segment which featured words and music associated with female empowerment and the reclaiming of female sexuality. The female models themselves could be seen on stage completing a series of provocative dances before being joined on stage by their male counterparts donning matching black boxers, bedazzled with the iconic FS logo. Throughout the show the model choreography, although not perfectly executed, was both dynamic and eye-catching. The models themselves were impressively professional and managed to keep their cool despite the cries and shouts of enthusiasm from friends amongst the crowds.

This year’s array of designers did not disappoint. Their adherence to the show’s focus on sustainability was obvious through the designers’ creative use of recycled materials – the most memorable of which was perhaps the dress made of used Lays crisps and Doritos packets, which gained a particularly enthusiastic response from the crowd!

Not only were attendees gifted a visually thrilling evening but an indulgent musical experience. The interval of the show itself was filled with the electronic beats and complex lyrics of the up and coming British singer Alex Mills, whose upbeat tunes had the whole crowd up and grooving. The afterparty saw the chart-topping artist Weiss take over the stage. The rearrangement of the marquee to create a warehouse feel fit perfectly with the vibe of Weiss’s set, transporting attendees to the urban setting of the London club scene.

Although the committee aimed to provide students with a night of immersive fun with friends, it is important not to forget the evening’s philanthropic element. The money raised by the event has throughout the years has gone towards the support of many incredibly worthwhile causes. This year was no exception, with FS2020’s charitable partner being Fashion Revolution – which was carefully selected by the committee to emphasise their theme of sustainability. 

FS continues to maintain its reputation as one of the highlights of the St Andrews calendar and we can’t wait to see what delicious delights next year will bring!