On The Rocks is back in St Andrews with their autumn preview of April’s annual festival. On The Pebbles, their November event this Saturday (November 16th), will consist of seven events held in various locations around town, and in conjunction with some of our most prominent and exciting student art societies. The best part? This year’s theme is Sustainability, which perfectly exemplifies the creative trends our university has been heading toward. Here’s a rundown of everything you can expect for your weekend dose of student culture. 

8am-6pm (Art on the Pebbles): Events will commence with the Art on the Pebbles, in which Combini Café will transform into a gallery showcasing some of the amazing student artwork that’s been created throughout this semester. (Entry fee: free)

12-3pm (Clothes Upcycle): Clothes Upcycling in the Barron theatre, hosted by Sustainable Style St Andrews, in which students can customize tote bags and re-style their old wardrobe (or make some trendy changes to Sustainable Style’s own merchandise—items will be sold at the event). (Entry fee: £3)

2-3pm (Pop-Up A Capella): St Andrews a cappella group, Bells, will be performing in pop-up locations around town, so the best advice we can give is keep your eyes peeled and your ears alert for the audible honey this group can make. (Entry fee: no idea where to enter)

3-5pm (Janetta’s Music Café): There’s never been a good reason to miss out on gelato, especially when it features some of the best vibes in town. Therefore, students must be sure to stop by Janetta’s in the afternoon for their Music Café, in which you can expect to enjoy homemade vanilla gelato and homemade groovy student tunes. (Entry fee: free. Gelato: worth the price)

7-9pm (Jazz Café): The jazziest tunes in town in the jazziest student bar (Sandys—duh) will be reaching your jazz loving ears, courtesy of Jazzworks. If your mind body and soul is married to well organized classical music with no deviation from the norm, don’t come. Otherwise, we’ll see you there. (Entry fee: £3, or one Sandys Pass)

8-10pm (Watercolor Workshop): Relaxing watercolor. With live music. And delicious SIGNATURE COCKTAILS? Enough said. But just in case, Artsoc will be hosting a watercolor event in Next Door, with all the materials and help you could need to create your next masterpiece. And even if you don’t, live music. And cocktails. I’ll see you there. (Entry fee: £3)

9-11pm (Stand Up): After a day of gelato, drinks, tunes, and paints, it’s time to take a break. So take that break in Sandys, where Comedy Society will be hosting one of their endlessly hilarious stand up nights. A perfect way to end your perfect day. (Entry fee: £3, or one Sandy’s Pass) 

“On The Pebbles is ultimately a preview of what students and locals can expect to see at our main festival in April. It’s a day of various events all over town to promote the festival – from music to art to fashion, there is an event for everyone at On The Pebbles.”

Any of the events excite you, but you need to know more? Here’s the links to all of the events. 

Art on the Pebbles: https://www.facebook.com/events/430165454308625/
Clothes Upcycling: https://www.facebook.com/events/552223372200841/
Pop-Up A Capella: https://www.facebook.com/events/2162494850711040/
Jannettas Music Cafe: https://www.facebook.com/events/481166789151526/
Jazz Cafe: https://www.facebook.com/events/2597378106951579/
Watercolor workshop: https://www.facebook.com/events/512996902616947/
Stand Up: https://www.facebook.com/events/535154097270392/